Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 new features; Now available for download

Microsoft has recently announced the General Availability of Visual Studio 2019. After months of beta testing it as a public preview, Microsoft is finally ready for the IDE to be available as a stable release.

Microsoft mentions that Visual Studio 2019 ships with several new features that help you to:

  • Develop: Stay focused and productive with improved performance, instant code cleanup, and better search results.
  • Collaborate: Enjoy natural collaboration through a cloud-first workflow, real-time editing and debugging, and code reviews right in Visual Studio.
  • Debug: Highlight and navigate to specific values, optimize memory use, and take automatic snapshots of your application’s execution.

Today, we will be checking out the latest new features that come with this new release.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 new features

There are a number of new features and improvements that come with this stable release of Microsoft Visual Studio 2019. Some of them are,

Improved search experience

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 new features


Formerly known as Quick Launch, our new search experience is faster and more effective. Now, search results appear dynamically as you type. And, search results can often include keyboard shortcuts for commands, so that you can more easily memorize them for future use.

Refactorings improved

New C# refactorings make it easier to organize your code. Simply invoke the refactorings by pressing Ctrl+. and select the action you want to take.

Better IntelliCode

Visual Studio IntelliCode is an extension that enhances your software development efforts by using artificial intelligence (AI).

Cloud-first workflow

The start window presents you with several options to get you to code quickly. We’ve placed the option to clone or check out code from a repo, first.

Live Share

Visual Studio Live Share is a developer service that allows you to share a codebase and its context with a teammate and get instant bidirectional collaboration directly from within Visual Studio. With Live Share, a teammate can read, navigate, edit, and debug a project that you’ve shared with them, and do so seamlessly and securely.

Integrated Code reviews

We’re introducing a new extension that you can download to use with Visual Studio 2019. With this new extension, you can review, run, and even debug pull requests from your team without leaving Visual Studio. We support code in both GitHub and Azure DevOps repositories.

Better performance

Whether you’re coding in C++ or .NET Core, data breakpoints can be a good alternative to just placing regular breakpoints. Data breakpoints are also great for scenarios such as finding where a global object is being modified or being added or removed from a list.

And, if you’re a C++ developer who develops large applications, Visual Studio 2019 has made symbols out of proc, which allows you to debug those applications without experiencing memory-related issues.

One can now search while they are debugging

You’ve probably been there before, looking in the Watch window for a string amongst a set of values. In Visual Studio 2019, we’ve added search in the Watch, Locals, and Autos windows to help you find the objects and values you’re looking for.

The debugger can now be taken snippets of

Get a snapshot of your app’s execution in the cloud to see exactly what’s happening. (This feature is available in Visual Studio Enterprise, only.)

You can learn more about this release in depth in the official announcement post & download it here on

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