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download Visual Studio Code Insider

How to download Visual Studio Code Insider

If you are into Windows or development of software running on Windows, I am sure you must have heard about Visual Studio. It’s a proprietary tool from Microsoft which helps you code. One of the best things about the tool […]

Visual Studio Code – How to download and install VSC

About three years ago Microsoft released a new source code editor for Windows, Linux, and macOS. This was named Visual Studio Code. It is way lighter IDE than various editions of the legendary Visual Studio 2017. It can help you […]

Microsoft Visual Studio – Editions, Comparison, Features, FAQ

Visual Studio is Microsoft’s own IDE that was initially code-named Project Boston and was released in 1997. This time, Microsoft bundled together all their development tools and bought them with a single product. The initial version of the software came […]

Download Visual Studio theme for Windows 7 from MSN Japan

MSN Japan has released a Visual Studio themepack for Windows 7. There are 3 different themepacks  available for download, Garden themepack, Bridge themepack & a Highway themepack. You will see three Download links, all in the Japanese language, each linking […]

Complete list of Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Visual Studio team has released an updated Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcut Posters.  These posters are print-ready documents, that now support standard paper sizes, and provide nice “cheat sheet” tables that can help you quickly lookup and eventually memorize, common […]