Ransomware Response Playbook shows how to deal with the malware

Ransomware attacks can happen to both home users as well as corporate and enterprises. A ransomware can result in huge monetary losses if left unabated. Users’ privacy has been one of the major concerns at Microsoft and thus the company yesterday released its new Ransomware Response Playbook which addresses the issue of Ransomware and explains how enterprises can use the Windows Defender ATP to detect, examine, remove and avoid the ransomware threats in their networks.

Ransomware Response Playbook

Ransomware Response Playbook

The Ransomware Response Playbook provides a detailed information on how the enterprises can detect the ransomware and remove it with the help of Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. To illustrate well, the playbook uses Cerber-Ransomware, an actual ransomware infections which has been into highlights for more than a year now.

The playbook covers following topics-

  • Discovering and mitigating Ransomware- Several ways of discovering ransomware and managing alerts. It also includes how you can isolate your infected machine so as to avoid spreading.
  • Investigating the delivery and arrival- How the ransomware is delivered to your network and the common infection patterns.
  • Scope the incident and check if the infection is spread to other machines connected to your network.
  • Protection against Ransomware which includes the email-borne ransomware, infection that lands through web browsers and more.
  • Enhancing the endpoint defenses on your network- This section shows how you can enhance protection on your machines.
  • Blocking malicious domains, IPs and URLs- Learn how blocking the malicious domains can prevent your machines from this attack.
  • Recovering your machine from ransomware infection- The eBook guides you about how to remove the entire threat components from your machine and prevent them spreading in other machines connected via the same network.

The eBook also includes references links where you can learn more about the Ransomware attacks and the methods to evade those attacks and infections.

The eBook is available for free download at Microsoft. Just click on the download button and read it using a web browser or a PDF reader.

Microsoft has released a whitepaper which talks about how Windows 10 v1703 offers strong ransomware protection to keep your computer protected at all times. You might want to download it too.

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