Microsoft Office Sway Online tutorial to help you create reports & presentations

Microsoft Office Sway is a very useful and easy to use tool to create charts, reports or even journals. Like other Office Online tools, you can either keep it in private or publish it in public. Sway comes with the Microsoft Office package. However, if you want to use this tool one or two times, you can utilize the Sway Online without spending a dollar. Go through this Microsoft Office Sway Online tutorial  – it will help you get started with creating reports and presentations.

Office Sway Online tutorial for beginners

1] Insert image from Bing & Flickr

Microsoft Office Sway Online tips and tricks

While creating a report or presentation on Office Sway, you may need to insert some pictures. Instead of downloading copyrighted images from Google or Bing, you can search for images on Bing or Flickr right from the Sway Online interface. No need to download or upload images to add them to a presentation. Also, all the images will be copyright free. Therefore, select the place where you need to insert the image > go to Insert tab > choose the source > type keyword and hit enter. Following that, use drag & drop to display a picture in your document.

2] Add authors or people to edit/view document

Microsoft Office Sway Online tips and tricks

If your document or presentation needs more than one authors to be completed, you can invite more people to work together on a single project. That person should have a Microsoft account to edit the presentation on Sway Online. This is very easy to add more authors. At first, open a document > click on Authors option visible on the top right section. (by default, it should show 1. That means, only one person is editing the document.) After clicking on Authors, you will get a unique link. Share the link with the person, who wants to edit the document.

3] Embed into web page

Microsoft Office Sway Online tips and tricks

Let’s assume that you have created a marketing report that you need to show to all the people through a web page. Instead of sharing a read-only link to the document, you can embed it into a webpage. Although it doesn’t give any option to set a particular dimension, you can certainly add any presentation to any HTML web page. To do so, finish the editing > click on Share button > Get embed code > copy the code and paste it into a webpage. You will get the following options as well,

  • Viewers can duplicate this Sway
  • Viewers can change the layout of this Sway

Remove the tick to turn them off.

4] Change background image to preset templates

Microsoft Office Sway Online tips and tricks

Sway Online provides plenty of templates to make your work smoother, quicker and more professional. If you have selected a preset template but want to change the background, do follow this trick. At first, you need to delete the existing background image. To do so, find out the background image section > click on Details > click on the picture thumbnail > click on the “trash can” button to delete it. Now, you will get Add background option. Click on that > search for an image on Bing or Flickr > use drag and drop to select the image. That’s it!

5] Add Tweet in Sway presentation or resume

Office Sway Online tutorial

Many times we want to add tweets in a presentation to show something or someone’s quote or some announcement by a company. You can copy the tweet link and paste that into your document, but it won’t show the tweet visually. Therefore, select a place where you want to show a tweet > go to Insert tab > select Twitter from the source list > search for a tweet or company >select a tweet and use drag & drop to insert it. You can include as many tweets as you want.

For your information, you can use the same trick to include YouTube video as well.

There are plenty of things can be done with the help of Office Sway. However, hope these Microsoft Office Sway Online tips and tricks are helpful for you.

You can use Send to Sway add-in to use OneNote to export data to Office Sway.

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