Send your content to Sway, with Send to Sway add-in for OneNote

Recently, Microsoft introduced an add-in for OneNote, which is known as Send to Sway. The Send to Sway add-in lets you use OneNote to export the data to Office Sway. Thus, whatever you save on your OneNote, can be converted into a slide show or a PowerPoint presentation very easily. Now, the Send to Sway add-in preview is available on Microsoft. Here is a brief review of Send to Sway add-in, which includes its features, how to install the add-in and the procedure to use it.

Send to Sway add-in

Sway: The easy-to-use tool from Microsoft

Office Sway is a magical tool introduced by Microsoft. With the help of Sway you can create presentations, slide shows and stories on the web. It is also known as the pseudo-PowerPoint by some people. To make a great presentation using Sway, all you have to do is add your content. The content can be anything like text, videos, JPEG images, GIFs, graphics, interactive charts, Vines or even maps. Sway also lets you add images from your device or snap them right into Sway with the built-in camera. Whatever is your material, simply add to Sway and the tool will do the rest of the process of creating a great presentation. Besides, you can also share interactive reports, presentations and personal stories using Sway.

Send to Sway add-in for OneNote

Earlier also, it was easy to add text and your images from OneDrive. It was also possible to import to Sway. However, exporting OneNote wasn’t possible. Now with Send to Sway add-in, you can actually export OneNote to Sway. And then the magic of Sway starts. The tool does the formatting using its built-in design engine. The design can also be customized using Sway.

Downloading and installing Send to Sway add-in

Before you start downloading the Send to Sway add-in, you have to select the file name as follows. If you have an x86 (or 32-bit) version of OneNote, then download the x86 version. If you have an x64 version of OneNote, download the x64 version.

Send to Sway add-in

The tool is only 1.5 MB in size and gets downloaded within seconds.  Click on the downloaded .msi file and the installation process starts.

Send to Sway add-in

Once the Send to Sway add-in gets installed, it gets incorporated with OneNote. You can see the Send to Sway add-in now in the ribbon.

Send to Sway add-in

How to use Send to Sway add-in

Start putting content on your OneNote and then save it. Click on Send to Sway icon on the ribbon to export this OneNote to Sway. You will see the following window pop-up asking you to give a title to your Sway. Besides, it also shows the email ID with which you are signed in onto OneNote. If you want any other email ID, sign out with the existing one.

Send to Sway add-in for OneNote

Once you have given the title, just hit ‘Sway it’ and the OneNote will start Swaying it.

Send to Sway add-in

Now you have your OneNote swayed. When the process is completed, you can see two links, namely View and Edit. In this process, the content on your OneNote becomes editable directly in Sway.

Features of Send to Sway add-in

The best part of the Send to Sway add-in is, it works in the same way on all Windows Operating Systems; namely Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. When you click on the Sway link, it opens in Internet Explorer.

As mentioned before, the tool provides some default designs for your content. However, you can even customize it. Since all your content is exported to Sway, you can share the link easily; be it to your friends or to your colleagues. They can see your content directly on the web without downloading any software. Since Sway syncs your OneNote through cloud, you can access it from your different devices.

You can download the preview of Send to Sway add-in from here.

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