Microsoft Academy of College Hires (MACH) Program

Microsoft has many programs that help students make the jump from the academics to the industry. Most of these training and certification courses are designed to be out the best in the graduates and help them embrace the latest technology with relative ease. Needless to say this also means that Microsoft will provide the resources for such an initiative. Let us see how the Microsoft Academy of College Hires or the MACH program can help you.

Microsoft Academy of College Hires Program

Microsoft Academy of College Hires Program

If you are about to graduate from a B-School or any of the MBA programs out there Microsoft seems to have a perfect program to bring you on board. The job role promises the employees that they will be happy to work and their talent will be utilized in every productive way possible. We decided to break down the plus points of joining such a program and how one could get into Microsoft by doing so.

Autonomy and Transparency

Microsoft makes it clear that your future is in your hands. The effort you put and the fresh whiff of innovativeness that comes along with it is what will make you excel the program. Participants can either choose from developing skills and also take part in deciding the path of their career. It is but obvious that such kind of environment comes with its own high standards of competition which fall in line with Microsofts mission to “empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more”

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Chasing the growth

Most of the jobs and career path sink into saturation with the passage of time but Microsoft wants to cultivate the idea of growth which in turn is expected to fuel the need of innovativeness. Emphasize is laid on how taking risks is the cornerstone of success and failures are very much part of the imminent success. Managers keep prodding the trainees and say “Don’t ask for permission. Ask for forgiveness.” This kind of sets the precedence for a high level of trust and the freedom to pursue ideas despite the risks involved.

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The Idea of a Future

For all the Technology enthusiast out there MACH attendees advice as follows, “You don’t sell solutions, you share the future.” Microsoft has literally been the global leader when it comes to Technology solutions and services. Every industry uses at least one Microsoft product and what this means is that your idea can shape the future. With the global scale, digital transformation technology has assumed a quintessential position, especially in the non-tech companies.

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Microsoft is known to treat its employs like family and this also means that you have the best resources at your disposal in case you need help from other fields to help you materialize the idea. Reach out to your colleagues and gain the required expertise to keep the things going. The team spirit is also something that will keep the things going.

Find your Answers

Well, whatever your question might be it will be answered at Microsoft. This means that your curious nature can finally find a match and this ensures that you don’t feel that you are left in dark. In the meanwhile, the work atmosphere also becomes conducive and helps bolster the business.

If you are interested in joining the MACH program from Microsoft, head over to this link and register yourself for the same.

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