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  1. Thanks very nice and detailed info. Hope it helps us further to get a job at Microsoft dream company.

  2. I just do not know how to apply. I know it is embarrassing but I still want to work with this company.

  3. Well, if you are not comfortable using the website, check out for local people working at Microsoft. Ask them to refer you. These companies often run referral programs where employees refer their friends and relatives good at something, to the managers/HR.

    Another option could be to walk into the Microsoft Office with a resume and a good cover letter. Ask for Human Resources and tell them you wish to work for the company. But do go prepared as they may ask you questions like why you want to work with Microsoft and about the skills you have.

  4. hello i am rishikesh what to do job in future with microsoft.give me some abbeviations notes to sucess in

  5. hi am s.tejaswini reddy, i very much intrested to do job in microsoft, and i need some suggestions how to get success to do job in microsoft. and i dnt know that how to apply job in microsoft company.
    and i heard that microsoft company is a very good company in Andhra pradesh.

    Thanking you sir.

  6. It is a good company all over the world. The article is all about how to get into Microsoft. You need to figure out where you would like to work, which field and then head to Microsoft’s website, careers section and fill in the application form along with a convincing cover letter. Check out the above article. It explains the whole process. If you get an interview call, you have to prepare well. There are many sites on the Internet that provide you with information on how to crack interviews. Even if you do not know any answers to any questions, look confident and tell them you can learn quickly. That’s the main thing. Microsoft trains people before putting them to work. So you should be able to demonstrate your ability to learn. You can ask questions when in doubt, during the Interview. It is the interview process that cuts off people as they are scared. Enjoy it, rather than being frightened. It is the best way to get into the company.

  7. i m studying software engineering from NIIT . i also want to work in microsoft company…do i will able to get job ? please tell me …and should i be get appointed in america?

  8. hii sir this is neo i’m very much intrest to work at microsoft i dnt know how to apply & what qualification requried for that can u plz help me ………

    thank you

  9. Hii Sir,

    I am Sanjana, Currently working at Deloitte as Systems Engineer and am desperately zealous to work with Microsoft. I applied many jobs Prior but couldn’t grab any recruiter’s call. Could you please let me know the pattern of direct walk-ins in Microsoft or any other chance to get into Microsoft.

  10. Most vacancies in Microsoft and Google type companies are filled up using the internal database system. If you upload your resume to Microsoft careers page, make sure you include all the keywords related to the type of job you wish. For example, if you are going for programmer’s job, specify “programmer”, C, C++, Python and whatever you know so that when the HR searches using that skill, as keyword, your resume is pulled into the results.

    Another method is to use referrals. These corporate companies also have a referral system. But you will have to convince an existing employee to refer you to the HR. If you have a friend or friend of a friend in Microsoft, ask that person to enter your details into the referral system. This method too requires you to have a detailed resume that has proper keywords along with a good introduction email by the person who is referring you to Microsoft.

    Finally, keep checking the current openings page on Microsoft careers site and manually apply for each job you want. You won’t necessarily need to create a separate resume each time. The one existing in the database will be used automatically. But I think tailoring your resume for the opening and uploading it before applying for a particular job has better chances of getting noticed. For example, if the job mentions something specific like Visual Basic or something, you add that keyword to the resume and upload it again before applying.

  11. Also, you can check your resume’s brevity at Glassdoor before uploading it. offers free evaluation of resumes. They will tell you what actions are needed. Though they ask you to pay for rebuilding the resume, you can do it yourself as they provide sufficient hints in the evaluation report.
    Glassdoor also provides you with alerts when a new job requirement is posted for a company that you wish to work for so you can use that feature as well.

  12. hello sir can i get a job in microsoft usa from india ? i want to do a job in microsoft in us

  13. hello sir my name is sudharsanraju sir i should kindly request to please help me to find job opportunity in microsoft company ,sir i know you have lot of work but small request pls reply and said me some notes about ms this is my gmail id :
    pls……. reply for me

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