Increase the Font size and make text bigger on Windows 10

If you have vision problems you can make the text bigger on your Windows 10 PC via Windows 10 Ease of Access Settings easily. You do not even have to use any 3rd-party software to do this. Let us see how to do it. This setting has been introduced in Windows 10 v1809.

Make text bigger on Windows 10

You can increase the Font size and make Text bigger and easier to read.

To make it big or small or to change the Font size you have to access Windows 10 Ease of Access Settings.

Open Windows 10 Settings panel. You can press Win + I button together to open that on your machine.

Following that, go to Ease of Access > Display.

On your right-hand side, you will find a slider with a label called Make text bigger.

You can move the slider from left to right to make the text bigger. You can find the preview right above the bar.

How to Make text bigger on Windows 10

After choosing a particular size, hit the Apply button. It will change the text size immediately.

Please note that this option will not make the icons and other items bigger. It will make only text bigger than the default. If you use a very high value, it could distort things.

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