Make tab switch faster in Firefox browser with Tab Warming feature

Mozilla Firefox Quantum performs better in comparison to other browsers in my opinion and seems to be going strong. Like all apps though, it can slow down over time. To improve on this front, Firefox is contemplating to implement a new feature – Tab Warming. The feature intends to make the tab switching process faster for the users to help them save some extra seconds during their browsing sessions.

Tab Warming feature in Firefox

TabWarming feature in Firefox

The details of the Tab Warming feature in Firefox Nightly were revealed by Mozilla developer Mike Conley in a post on his personal blog. The precise definition says it’s a process of pre-emptively rendering the layers for a tab, and pre-emptively uploading them to the compositor when the browser is pretty sure you’re likely to switch to that tab.

Earlier, the browser followed somewhat different approach. The mechanism worked pretty well but the team of developers thought they could make it slightly better.

Tab warming is currently controlled via Preferences. Open a new tab in Firefox browser, type about:config and hit ‘Enter’.

Then, when the ‘About:Config’ page loads, look for the following entry-


This is currently off by default. So, you’ll need to double-click the option and toggle its status to True. This will enable the ‘Tab Warming’ feature.

As of now, the browser simply detects whether you’re hovering a tab with a mouse to predict that you’re likely going to choose that, but there are certainly more opportunities to introduce warming based on the behavior of other users.

Mozilla explains it as follows:

With Tab Warming enabled, when you hover over the tab with your mouse cursor, the rendering of that sophisticated SVG will occur while your finger is still on its way to click on the mouse button to actually choose the tab.

Firefox claims it will gain the time it takes to load up a webpage, as Tab Warming feature begins to load the page instantly in the background the moment you move the cursor to that tab before clicking on it.

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