How to make Browser show saved password in text instead of dots

We save passwords in our browsers for the sake of convenience, so that we do not have to remember them every time we visit a website. Internet Explorer uses the Credential manager. Other popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox have their own built-in password managers, where you can find all the saved passwords.

In case you want to see the saved passwords, you can carry out these steps depending on your web browser:

Like the other web browsers, you can save passwords in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 too. The Form-fill & Password Manager in Edge browser lets you manage the passwords, but it does not let you view them. You have to still use Credential Manager to see the passwords.

But there is an easier way that will make you force your browser – any major browser – to show or reveal the hidden password in text instead of asterisks, stars or dots.

Make Browser show password in text instead of dots

If you want to show saved password in Microsoft Edge, you have two options. The first one works for Edge & Internet Explorer, whereas the second one works for most browsers including Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome & Firefox.

Show saved password in Edge using Credential Manager

Credential Manager is an in-built tool of Windows, which stores all the log in credentials such as username, password, email ID etc. Whenever, you use Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge to log in to somewhere, it gets saved. If any password is saved in Microsoft Edge, you can find it here in Credential Manager. The procedure is similar to how we manage passwords in Internet Explorer using Credential Manager.

Show saved password in Microsoft Edge using Credential Manager

To do this, open Credential Manager. You can search for it in the taskbar search box or Cortana search box. Here you can find two primary categories i.e. Web Credentials and Windows Credentials. Make sure, that you have selected Web Credentials.

Now, you find all the sites with saved username/email and password. Select one site and click on it.

Here, you can find a Show button. Click on that. Now, enter your Windows’ password. Following that, you can find the password right on your screen.

Use Inspect Element to make browser reveal password

This is another trick which works for most major browsers. You can use the Inspect Element option in almost all the browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox as well as Microsoft Edge to see the saved password for a particular website.

To do this, open a log in page of a site like Facebook,, Gmail, etc. Now, right click in the password box and select Inspect Element.

Make Browser show password in text instead of dots

Here, you can find an attribute called type=”password”.

Show saved password in Microsoft Edge

Double click on it, remove the word, password and write text instead of password. That means, after editing the line, it should look like this –  type=”text”.

Now, you can find your password revealed in text in the corresponding password box.

You can copy your password, but, if you refresh the page, your password will appear as dots.

This method help you show the saved password in text instead of dots or asterisks, when you forget them.

To store your passwords securely, you may want to take a look at some of these free Password Managers for Windows  These free Password Recovery tools will help you recover Windows, Browsers, Mail, Web, Wi-Fi, etc, should you need them.

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