Long Path Fixer tool will fix Path Too Long errors in Windows 10

Freeware Long Path Fixer tool will help you manage Long Path Files & fix Path Too Long errors. You can Delete, Move, Copy, Rename locked files, which Windows File Explorer may be unable to. There are individual files and folders that Windows Explorer may be unable to reach, move, copy or delete because the path is longer than the number of characters the Windows API supports – and this is where this tool can help you.

The Windows API only supports up to 259 characters, so should users have a path that is more than that, Windows Explorer will not be able to accommodate. In such instances, a third-party program is required to get the job done.

Long Path Fixer tool for Windows

Long Path Fixer is designed to enable computer users to gain access to every file and folder without a problem. It supports up to 32,767 characters in length, which should be more than enough for regular computer users, professionals, and business users.

How does it work

After downloading and launching Long Path Fixer, folks will realize the user interface is as simple as it gets. Users will come to a blank space with a path section at the top, and two dots directly below it. At the far bottom, there lies the Move, Copy and Delete buttons.

Now, there’s a drop-down button at the top. Click on it to reveal your drive characters. Click on the preferred drive to show its contents. You should now see a list of folder names on your drive; to see more just double click on “Program Files\” for example to extend the path. To return to the previous list, double click on the two dots.

Long Path Fixer tool

Bear in mind it’s possible to interact with files and folders in different ways. If there’s a folder, you want to copy, click on it, then select the Copy function at the bottom. The same goes if you just want to Move or Delete folders and files. When the time comes to Refresh, press “F5” on your computer keyboard.

This Long Path tool can be pretty useful in scenarios where you receive The file name would be too long for the destination folder.

Drag and drop items

It’s super easy to move files from one folder to the next. Simply open Windows Explorer and drag the item from there to the path in Long Path Fixer. If you drag a shortcut, the program will automatically resolve it to its real location. It works and has proven itself to be a quality tool for when Windows Explorer is not able to move or delete files.

Additionally, it’s also possible to add Long Path Fixer to the Explorer context menu. Simply right-click on the icon in the System Tray menu, and choose “Keep in Explorer Context Menu.”

Overall, Long Path Fixer is a solid program – it is useful, and it’s free. If you face problems while executing operation commands on files & folders, this is the go-to freeware for fixing Path Too Long errors.

Download Long Path Fixer right now from the official website. [Home Page link removed.] Download it from Softpedia instead.


  1. TLPD is a long file path finder to detect files with long paths.
  2. Long Path Fixer will let you fix all the path too long related errors on your Windows machine.
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  3. Home Page link removed. Download it from the Softpedia link instead.

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