Kid-Key-Lock: Lock your Keyboard & Mouse to secure your PC

Kid-Key-Lock is a simple program which can lock specific keyboard keys & mouse  functions, depending on your preferences.


Rather that locking up your Windows PC, you can now simply lock the keyboard and mouse!

When Kid-Key-Lock is running, an indicator icon will appear on your system tray. When you click on the tray icon a pop-up menu will appear. All program functions, including the setup dialog box are accessible from this menu, and are password protected.

• Very simple to setup and run
• Seats on tray for easy access
• Mouse Lock options:

  • Left mouse button
  • Middle mouse button
  • Right mouse button
  • Double click
  • Mouse wheel

• Keyboard lock options:

  • Standard character keys, letters, numbers, signs, etc
  • Additional keys, Navigation keys, function keys, ins/del, home/end, etc
  • Windows system shortcuts e.g. alt-tab, win-key, etc

Visit: Download Page. The program works on Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

BlueLife KeyFreeze is another freeware that lets you lock keyboard and mouse in Windows.

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  1. Jomar Mansilungan

    Can you lock a specific key on the keyboard? Let’s say the Windows key?

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