How to lock keyboard and mouse in Windows with BlueLife KeyFreeze

Microsoft makes it possible to lock Windows by pressing Win+L, but it takes the user out of the operating system. This is not a huge problem for some, but for others, it is. Well, there’s a way to have your cake and eat it too with BlueLife KeyFreeze.

Lock keyboard and mouse in Windows

With this Windows app, users can lock their mouse and keyboard yet still stay within the Windows environment. It’s a neat little tool that comes in handy on many occasion. The keys are locked effectively, even if the user is still logged in. So, one might be wondering, how is then possible to unlock the keys after BlueLife KeyFreeze shuts them down.

Lock keyboard and mouse

That’s easy. Just press Ctrl + Alt + F. The Ctrl + Alt + F to lock the keys. Users should bear in mind that this same key combination is also capable of locking the keys. Another way to lock the keys is to click simply on the lock button in the taskbar.

For those who might want to dig deep to play around with more options, the ability is there. BlueLife KeyFreeze’s icon is situated in the system tray. Right-click on the icon and choose Options from the context menu to open the app. From there, users can configure the hotkeys to their liking if they prefer a different key combination to lock and unlock the system.

We should point out that activating the lock, a countdown pops up. Users have the option to stop the lock process within the countdown window, but won’t be able to do a thing once time runs out. From the Options menu, it is possible to adjust the time, and also to lock the keys and mouse when the system goes into an idle state.

The whole procedure is quite useful, arguably more so than the default way of locking Windows. We also believe using hotkeys to unlock everything is faster than punching in a passkey. In terms of security, we can’t comment on that, to be honest.

To download BlueLife KeyFreeze, visit the website and download the ZIP file. Extract it then run the .EXE file from the folder to install the app. It’s pretty small so it shouldn’t take any more than a minute to install. Furthermore, it doesn’t take up a lot of RAM, so running it in the background should be fine for almost anyone.

So far, we have yet to come across problems, but that doesn’t mean they do not exist.

BlueLife KeyFreeze download

BlueLife KeyFreeze can be downloaded at Sordum.

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