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Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) from Microsoft

Microsoft has released Local Administrator Password Solution. LAPs will provide a solution to the issue of using a common local account with an identical password on every Windows computer in a domain, by setting up a random, different password for the common local administrator account on every computer in the domain.

Local Administrator Password Solution

This solution automatically manages local administrator password on domain joined computers, so that the password is:

Its features include:




Domain administrators who use this solution can determine which users, such as helpdesk administrators, are authorized to read passwords.

Once you have downloaded the zip file for your system, viz. 32-bit or 64-bit, from Microsoft Download Center, extract them from the to a folder.  There will be two files, AdmPwd.Setup.x64.msi and AdmPwd.Setup.x86.msi. You may also want to download the LAPS Datasheet, Operations Guide and Technical Specifications documents, as it gives a lot of information on how to use the too. If you need additional information, visit TechNet.