List of Sticky Notes Keyboard Shortcuts on Windows 10

The latest version of the note-taking app in Windows 10 – Sticky Notes v 3.0 includes new text formatting tools. It also has a hub for all the notes you create and save. This is to keep all your notes in one place and stop them from lying scattered all over the screen. In addition to all these, there are useful keyboard shortcuts for the app. Here’s a list of some Windows 10 Sticky Notes Keyboard Shortcuts.

sticky notes Keyboard Shortcuts'

Windows 10 Sticky Notes keyboard shortcuts

In earlier versions of Sticky Notes, you had to access keyboard shortcuts to try formatting options. Fortunately, that has changed. Now, there’s a dedicated format bar to quickly format notes.

We can categorize the list of shortcuts into,

  1. Type and Edit Sticky Notes Shortcuts
  2. Format Sticky Notes Shortcuts

All of them become visible when you click the ‘Settings’ menu and choose ‘Keyboard shortcuts’ link as shown in the screenshot.

Type and Edit Sticky Notes Shortcuts



Ctrl+N Create a new sticky note.
Ctrl+D Delete the current sticky note.
Ctrl+Tab Move to the next sticky note.
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Move to the previous sticky note.
Ctrl+A Select all text on the sticky note.
Ctrl+C Copy the text to the clipboard.
Ctrl+X Cut the selected text to the clipboard.
Ctrl+V Paste the text of the clipboard.
Ctrl+Z Undo the last action.
Ctrl+Y Redo the last action.
Ctrl+Left arrow Move one word to the left.
Ctrl+Right arrow Move one word to the right.
Home Move to the beginning of the line.
End Move to the end of the line.
Ctrl+Home Move to the start of the sticky note.
Ctrl+End Move to the end of the note.
Ctrl+Delete Delete the next word.
Ctrl+Backspace Delete the previous word.

Close Sticky Notes.

Format Sticky Notes Shortcuts

Ctrl+B Apply or remove bold formatting from the selected text.
Ctrl+I Apply or remove italic formatting from the selected text.
Ctrl+U Apply or remove the underline from the selected text.
Ctrl+Shift+L Apply or remove bulleted list formatting from the selected paragraph.
Ctrl+T Apply or remove strikethrough from the selected text.
Ctrl+Right Shift Right-align the selected paragraph.
Ctrl+Left Shift Left-align the selected paragraph.

The above shortcuts in the topic refer to the US keyboard layout. Keys for other layouts might not correspond exactly to the keys on a US keyboard.

The majority of these keyboard shortcuts are easy to remember but work only in Sticky Notes 3.0. However, formatting shortcuts show compatibility with earlier versions as well.

For users suffering from mobility or vision disabilities, keyboard shortcuts are easy to use than the touchscreen experience. Also, these are great alternatives to using a mouse.

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