How to link to a YouTube video from a specific start time to end time

We love watching videos on YouTube, and we’re sure many of our readers feel the same. It’s the most popular entertainment portal on the web. It’s the place folks go to watch videos, listen to music, and to tune into their favorite comedies and news programs. Now, most people will know that’s possible to share a YouTube video on social media platforms with friends and family. For those who are unaware, just simply copy the link and paste it into Facebook, Twitter, Skype, or even through email and share it with everyone.

Now let us see how to link to a certain part or point of a YouTube video. Share a YouTube video URL from a specific start and stop time!

Link to YouTube video from specific start time to end time

Here’s the thing, not many folks will know of the option to share YouTube videos from a particular moment in the video. If a person came across an awesome scene at the five minutes mark in the video, there’s no need to share the link and have the other parties watch the entire video to come across the five-minute mark, or to skip to it.

The good folks at YouTube have made it possible for anyone to share a video and have it begin at the section they want. It’s a great feature, one we can’t live without ever since it came into existence.

Let’s point something out here. There are two ways to share videos on social media from a particular timestamp. There’s an option below every video that makes it all click. It’s called “Share” and it can be found exactly below the “Subscribe” button. Click on the Share button and right away the Share Box will pop-up at the bottom.

Link to YouTube video from specific start time to end time

When the Share Box opens up, the user should see an assortment of social media share buttons. Ignore those for now and click the tick box next to “Start At“. There’s another box, but this one has the timestamp inside. Bear in mind, it’s possible to enter the timestamp manually into the box should the need arises.

Finally, the user just needs to copy the link and paste it where they want the video to be shared; that’s it.

What About The Other Option?

Don’t worry; we haven’t forgotten about the second way to do all of this. Here’s what you need to know; there’s no reason to click on the Share button or anything else. If we look at the YouTube URL after it was changed to allow the video to begin at a specified timestamp, we can see slight changes.

Here’s the URL before the changes:

Here’s the URL after the changes were added

What we see is the addition of “t=?5m59s“. All the user needs to do is figure out the timestamp, copy the link, and manually add the timestamp to the link to create the URL they want. Keep in mind that “5m59s” represents the chosen time the user wants the video to begin. The “m” stands for minutes, while the “s” stands for seconds.

It should be noted the “?t=” must always be added to the URL at all times in the same order as seen above.

To start and end a video, you need to use ?start=<seconds> and ?end=<seconds> to define the starting and ending times. Something like this:

The number has to be in seconds.

You can check out the YouTube Embedded Players and Player Parameters here.

That’s if, you’ve just learned how to link to a YouTube video from a specific start time to end time!

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