Learn Windows, Browser, Hardware tricks, tips & secrets with WinTricks

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  1. ‘WinTricks’ is a very nice, informative, useful program. One very, very, very distracting, annoying, cheap-looking aspect of WinTricks, however, are the multiple water-marks, page-after-page-after-page, of “WinTips, Inc.”. The frequent markings give the documentation a ‘cheap’ and ‘preliminary’ look. If deemed necessary to have the markings, despite all of the other ownership / author markings, recommend placing a single “WinTips, Inc.” regularly-aligned marking in one of the upper / lower corners or the top or bottom of the page (personally, I do not believe the “WinTips, Inc.” water-marks / markings on the pages are required, and the document would be more professional-looking and clean-looking without the markings.

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