Kodi for Windows 10 part of the piracy epidemic? We give our thoughts


  1. KODI is for poor students who cannot afford to pay for much. They are going to stream media for free any way they can so KODI is not the problem just a tool for clever programmers.

  2. KODI is just a tool that some Microsoft developers created for the xbox then let the program out into the wild to try and thrive because the top Microsoft management did not have any good ideas on how to use the application. The main advantage with the program is the easy of use and development of add-on features onto the program without so much costs that can kill most projects. The main reason KODI has been a problem is not directly the concept of piracy in terms of illegal use but that the program is not proprietary and restricted in terms of usage as a product in general. What is the monetization process for the program and how can it thrive should the use of it become more difficult in the future? I don’t see the program not existing for a very long time because there are far too many people that use the product to get access to information throughout the web and internet that they could not get otherwise and it doesn’t matter if the data is legal or illegal. Sad but true fact is that KODI is probably one of the killer applications in the last decade that can be used in multiple tasks but the top industry titans don’t recognize the situation and the benefits.
    As for content issues, I find that there are many competing data providers both authorized and not authorized to provide specialized content throughout the web. You don’t need any particular program to access those sources but using tools to make the transactions easier seems to be the issue. The problem I see is what degree of hindrance to hide information from the general public is justified and reasonable and what is a valid denial of the individual and general public’s rights to view information? Because the matter is subject to the thinking of each controlling interest for each nation and region of the world, you won’t get a valid general consensus as to a framework to solve the general dilemma at hand. Or do you really want a solution in the first place?

  3. Kodi is for me a way to replace Microsoft’s Missing Windows-Media-Center. I do no ‘pirating’ with it. My cable feeds into KODI, like it used to feed into WMC.

  4. Is it considered piracy if it’s just streaming of files? I mean, yes, you can watch literally anything on KODI -but you don’t download movies… in a sense it’s not exactly piracy.

  5. KODI is good. OK ? The problem is the rampant piracy epidemic. KODI (and it’s community) innocently just makes everything easily accessible.

    I’m not in the business (neither media nor computer business). I’m just a consumer. I don’t have an answer, but something has got to give. I hate being raped by the Cable industry but I can not condone raping the entertainment industry (and it’s artists) of their due. I just wish I could pay a reasonable fee to some central organization and get access to all of the varied and eclectic materials I enjoy. KODI comes close but it’s free and people aren’t getting paid ! The “powers that be” WILL PUT A STOP TO THIS. And when they do, we will all be very sorry, indeed.

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