Best free Internet Speed Test online services and websites

Testing our Internet Speed is a popular pastime, especially when we want to show off to the world how fast our Internet is. You’ve done this before, right? Are we the only ones? Say it isn’t so, Johnny! If you haven’t yet got down and dirty with speed tests, or you’re looking for a different source to get the job done, keep reading because we’re going to get you excited and sweaty.

Here is a list of some of the best free Internet Speed Test online services, websites and software to test your network connection speed.

Internet Speed Test

Internet Speed Test


It is arguably the most famous of the pack. We’ve been using this to test our Internet speed since the dawn of a very slow Internet. Everyone who has tested their Internet speed in the past should have used this one before, so if you haven’t already, then, should be your first bet. To make it, even more, enticing, users can find a app in Google Play for Android, iTunes for iOS, and the Windows Store for Windows Phone.


It is another one of the great ones right here. We like this speed tester because it uses HTML5 instead of Flash or Java. Meaning, testing your speed via mobile is easier than usual. No more having to look at error messages telling you to download Flash.


This one is great, mainly due to its awesome user interface. The service utilizes 54 servers around the world, so users will always get the best possible results no matter where they are located.


It is not as good as the others since it only has access to 17 servers around the world. However, depending on where you’re located, this speedtest tool will no doubt get the job done. Still, we would recommend getting a second opinion from another source after seeing the results.


CNET too offers an Internet Speed Test service. It is not my favorite due to its use of Flash, and it doesn’t support upload speed test. Yes, we understand that for most people, the upload speed test is irrelevant, but for us folks, it is just as necessary in many cases. But hey, the graphs are pretty, so there’s one great reason to use it.


This is a service from Netflix.

7] Google SpeedTest

This is a service from

8] McAfee Speed Test

McAfee Internet Connection Speedometer tells you how fast or slow your internet connection speed is.

9] AuditMyPC Internet Speed Test

This test designed to check the real bandwidth of your internet.

10] Speakeasy

Speakeasy Speed Test too will help test internet connection speed.

11] Network Speed Test

This is an app from the Windows Store, and it was developed by Microsoft. We like it because it is simple and faster to gain access to because it sits right on our Start Menu. It also shows network information along with a history of past test for future references.

The downside for us is that it seems we are not close to the servers. Our ping was 99ms last time we tested while showed us a ping of 14ms and better overall results.

TIP: Here is a list of free HTML5 Bandwidth testing sites that don’t need Flash.

Which one do you prefer to use?

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