Intel Extreme Tuning Utility for Windows lets you overclock CPU, Memory & Bus speeds

PC Overclocking or tweaking CPU, Memory and other hardware is not my cup of tea. But for those who engage in this activity and have systems with Intel processors, the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility is a free overclocking software that may interest you.


Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) is a Windows based performance tuning software for experienced users to overclock, monitor, and stress a system. The software interface exposes a set of robust capabilities common in most enthusiast platforms along with special new features available on new Intel processors and motherboards.

Using this tool, you can overclock CPU, memory, and bus speeds for optimal performance. Its Integrated auto-tuning feature makes system optimization easy while maintaining system stability. The tool can also tweak, tune and monitor voltages, temperatures, and fan speeds and allows you to view the graph changes over time.

Do note that altering clock frequency or voltage can:

  • Reduce system stability or performance and useful life of the system and processor
  • Cause the processor to fail
  • Cause additional damage or heat
  • Affect data integrity.

As I mentioned, this utility is not for everyone, but for expert advanced users only. Overclocking can damage your hardware and void Product warranties. So download it only if you know what you want to achieve with the utility.

This download link is for Intel Extreme Tuning Utility for Windows 8 and Windows 7. If you use earlier versions of Windows, please make sure you are downloading the correct one for your version.

Those who have AMD processors, may want to check out AMD OverDrive Utility.

Looking for more such utilities? Try these:

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  2. Benchmark your CPU and system components with OCCT.
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  1. Andrew

    ***********FAILED TO MENTION**********

    The Intel Extreme Tuning Utility is only compatible with the following Intel-made mobos:

    Intel® Desktop Board DP67BG

    Intel® Desktop Board DX58OG

    Intel® Desktop Board DX58SO2

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