NirLauncher: Integrate SysInternal Suite with 100 free NirSoft Windows utilities


  1. Excellent, Nirsoft has always made the best tools on the web… low profile & freeware. Now add a central console! Holy mackerel Batman, it the best thing since bigger harddrives!

  2. Norton AV will treat the file as virus and will block it all. Any idea how to work around it without disable Norton AV?

  3. The nature of some of the applications (like password recovery apps) will cause many AV’s to detect as infected. You will need to manually “allow” these on many AV’s.

  4. Also check out

    PMToolindex is a free program that makes it easy to acquire ( download and unzip ), identify , index and customize a large collection of Windows power-tools from multiple sources, and set them up in a folder structure that is transportable across the LAN, or to a USB stick, etc. Network admins, IT contractors and road warriors, etc, can easily have hundreds of their personal favorite power tools, utilities, scripts, etc on a USB stick, along with command string customizations, etc. The small ZIP distro does not require an installer routine – just unZip it and run PMToolindex. There is no need to install anything on the client machine you are working on.

    Using the Acquisition Wizard, you will be guided through a simple two-click process that automatically downloads over 60 ZIP files from various sources ( after you inspect and approve each of them as you see fit ), un-Zips them, and indexes them in a labeled structure that you can customize, and add to. PMToolindex will also index and describe all the MSC ( Microsoft Management Consoles ), CPL (Windows Control Panel applets), and EXE files in your System32 and SysWOW64 folders. The default two-click Wizard process will take about 5 to 10 minutes ( depending on your download speed ) to set up over 900 entries in over 50 categories. You can individually select as many or as few of them as you like ( the Wizard lets you inspect them and their websites first ), and add as many of your own tools, scripts, ISO’s, installers, etc as you like.

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