How to install new Fonts in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office comes preloaded with a considerably large list of fonts which you can use in your documents. It offers a collection of judiciously good fonts counting the universally accepted Arial and Times New Roman fonts which can be used for both professional and academic use. In addition to these, it also has Calibri, i.e., Microsoft’s self-developed font which is also the default font style. If you are getting a little too tired and bored with these font selections, you can add and install new fonts to inject a new feel or personality into your work.

Add or install new fonts in Office

It is important to note that none of the Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook, provide you the straight option to install new fonts. So, when you want to install a new style, you need to first download and install the font files on Windows 10 to make it available to all your Office applications. These files are either OpenType “.otf” or TrueType “.ttf”.

In this guide, let us walk through the steps to install new font styles in Microsoft Office rograms like Word, etc, on Windows 10.

Add new fonts in Office via Microsoft Store

To get new fonts in your Microsoft Office apps on Windows 10, follow these steps:

1] Go to ‘Settings’.

2] Hit on ‘Personalization’.

3] Click on ‘Fonts’.

4] Click the option ‘Get more fonts in Microsoft Store’.

Install new font

5] Select the font style you want to add into your Office apps arsenal.

Install new font

There are both free and paid font styles available in the Microsoft Store. Unless you want any specific font style that isn’t free, there are many great ones that come for free and are worth trying.

6] Finally, click the ‘Get’ button.

Install new font

Once these steps are completed, the new font will get added in all the Microsoft Office applications and in any other app which supports the system fonts.

Install new fonts in Office using Installer

There are tons of free fonts to download from the Internet and a good number of paid ones too which you can add to your font collection. If you are looking for free ones, DaFont, FontSpace, and Font Squirrel are great websites having huge archives of free fonts and get new updates regularly. Fonts are downloaded as ‘TTF’ or ‘OTF’ files.

Follow the below steps to use new fonts in Microsoft Word or another Office app using a file:

1] Open File Explorer.

2] Go to the destination folder having the new font files.

3] Unzip the files before trying to install them.

Install new font

4] Click Install.

Install new font

Once these steps are completed, the new font style will be available for all the Microsoft Office apps. To install all the additional styles in one particular font family, you will have to repeat these steps.

In the free websites, some fonts are available in both formats while others aren’t. It is recommended that for Windows 10, try and get ‘TTF’ files if possible.

Install new fonts in Office using the Context menu

To add a new font style on Windows 10 using the context menu, follow the below steps:

1] Open File Explorer.

2] Go to the destination folder having the new font files.

3] Right-click the new font file (TTF format) and click Install.

Install new font

4] Restart the Office document.

Once these steps are completed, the new font style will be available from the Font settings in the Home tab. Don’t forget to reopen the document to see the changes.

When installing new font style, if you get an error message prompting about the font being already installed, it means two things – one you already have that particular font style in your collection or you have another version of that font style installed.

How to uninstall a font in Office

When you are no longer using a particular font on your Microsoft Office applications, or you feel a particular font is impractical, the Settings application could help you remove them completely. Settings app in Windows includes an option that allows you to easily uninstall any font from your device.

Follow these steps:

1] Open Settings.

2] Click Personalization.

3] Go to the Fonts section.

4] Select the font style that you wish to delete.

add or install new font styles in Microsoft Office

5] Scroll to Metadata

6] Click Uninstall.

Install new font

7] To confirm your action, click the Uninstall button once again.

The font you uninstalled will no longer be available on Windows 10 or Microsoft Office.

Easy isn’t it? Hope this guide helps you add that extra edge to each of your documents with new and interesting font styles.

This post will show you how to install and uninstall Fonts in Windows 10.

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