Increase WiFi Speed and Signal strength and coverage area


  1. Great advice… just moved the router to a better location and i now have a much better signal. Was about to buy a repeater or a router so this has saved me a few bucks.As a matter of fact, there was also a mirror where it was placed so i guess that also had to do a lot, so now it’s 100% better so thanks for the info…..

  2. wow a centralized antenna for optimal wi-fi signal. . . . that must be why they call it “Triangulation”

  3. the another cheap way to improve a very little signal strength is to cut a empty soda or Pepsi or bear tin can like radar and put it over the wifi modem and set the direction where ur room is. it does give little more juice to wifi devices . works for me.

  4. please what software can i download to boost my wifi strength,outside my office the strength is about one bar,inside the strength is poor,no bar or no service

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