Image Tuner: A free batch image editor for Windows 10/8/7

Image Tuner is a free batch image editor that lets you edit your images collectively and even by one by one. Image Tuner possesses all the major editing features, and it also has some extra batch editing options. It lets you resize, rename, watermark and convert your images. I found this software very useful, and it helped me in editing my huge list of images in a single go. Image Tuner is a project based software, which means that you can create a project then save it and open it any other time you want. To start, you need to add images to your project, you can add as many images, or you can even add a single image.

Batch Image Editor Freeware

Image Tuner

You can collectively resize all the images by a desired percentage or to a predefined custom size. There are seven resizing filters available which you can choose from. You can also add a watermark to all the images, choosing their opacity, positions and the XY margins.

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Batch conversion is now no more difficult with this freeware, and you can easily convert all your images to one of the five formats which are JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF. You can also rename your images in a definite pattern so that they are properly renamed into one folder.

There are many other effects available. You can flip or Rotate the images added to your project; you can even auto sharp them. You can colorize the images by adjusting the Hue and Saturation; adjustment features are also available, a user can set the Brightness and Contrast of the image very easily. The image can also be rounded by adjusting the height and Width of the roundness.

After applying all the changes, you need to click the small play button located on the top menu bar. If the changes are still to be made you can save that your project as an Image Tuner File and you can again reopen that same project and start working again.


This utility is a great time saver, the batch image sizing features gives a great relief to one by one image editing process. My experience with this freeware was good. It worked nicely on Windows 10/8/7.

Image Tuner free download

Click here to download Image Tuner.

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