HTTP Error 500 – Microsoft Edge Installation or Update error

When updating or installing Microsoft Edge, if you receive HTTP Error 500 or Error 0x8004xxxx or 0x8007xxxx, then its a Network issue that’s causing the problem. In this guide, we will share how you can fix HTTP Error 500 installation & update errors on Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Fix HTTP Error 500 Edge installation or update errors

The range of error codes associated with the network connection issues include Error 500 or 0x80010108, 0x80040801, 0x80042193, 0x80042194, 0x800421F4, 0x800421F6, 0x800421F7, 0x800421F8, 0x80072742, 0x80072EE2, 0x80072EE7, 0x80072EFD, 0x80072EFE:

  1. Reset Network Adapter
  2. Check Proxy Configuration
  3. Reset WinHTTP Proxy Settings

1] Reset Network Adapter

HTTP Error 500 Microsoft Edge

HTTP error can occur when there is a misconfiguration in the network adapter. We suggest you reset the network adapter. Windows comes with inbuilt troubleshooter, make sure to run that. If the troubleshooter at the end suggests that there is a Problem with wireless adapter or access point, then follow this guide to resolve HTTP Error 500 Microsoft Edge by resetting the network adapter problem.

2] Check Proxy Configuration

Many of use Proxy to hide our identity from the websites or to access blocked content. When you try to update Edge, the request passes through the proxy. It is possible the request does not pass through. There are two ways to resolve the issue, depending on how your proxy setup.

3] Reset WinHTTP Proxy Settings

Reset WinHTTP Proxy Settings

Windows HTTP Services or WinHTTP is a technology for accessing HTTP. It provides developers with a server-supported, high-level interface to the HTTP/1.1 Internet protocol. It is designed to be used primarily in server-based scenarios by server applications that communicate with HTTP servers. WinHTTP is also designed for use in system services and HTTP-based client applications.

Since our error relates to HTTP error, and Edge needs to connect with HTTP server to download files, its a good idea to reset the WinHTTP proxy settings.

We hope these tips help you resolve HTTP Error 500 Microsoft Edge and other related errors 0x8004xxxx or 0x8007xxxx. 

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