How to stream Xbox One games on your Windows 10 PC

The hottest thing in the gaming world right now is playing Xbox One games on a Windows 10 PC. By that we mean streaming Xbox One games to a Windows 10 PC, so yes, you will need to have an Xbox One. This is great for those who share a TV or monitor in their home. So if the little sister wants to watch Barbie Adventures, or little brother wants to watch Pokemon, you can simply get up and stream any Xbox One game to your Windows 10 computer.

Xbox One games on to Windows 10 PC

Stream Xbox One games on to Windows 10 PC

Bear in mind that this feature only works over a local network, so you cannot bring your laptop to your friend 10 blocks down the road and expect to stream your games unless it is possible to connect to your local network from such a long distance.

Let’s get this started:

Make sure you have updated your computer to Windows 10. If you’re coming from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, then the update should be free of charge, so get to it if you haven’t already.

Also, make sure your Xbox One is connected to Wi-Fi or a wired connection. We suggest a wired connection at all times. Furthermore, make sure your Windows 10 computer has the latest update installed, and that your Xbox One is also updated to the latest software version.

Here we go:

Connect your Xbox One controller to your Windows 10 computer via USB. Wait patiently for Windows to install the drivers, and then launch the Xbox app. Create an Xbox Live account if you haven’t already, then log-in.

At the left side, there should be something that says “Connect,” make sure to click on it. Now, choose to add your Xbox One from the list of devices that are available to connect. After that, click on “Test Streaming“, this is where Microsoft will go through the speed test to ensure that your Internet speed is fast enough.

Finally, click on “Stream” and watch as your Xbox One is connected to your computer. You are now ready to stream all your favorite games.

It’s that easy, but keep in mind that your keyboard and mouse will not work, at least, not right now. Microsoft should release an update for the Xbox One in the future that supports this, but it is not yet certain if it will be only designed for menu navigation, or if playing games will be included in the feature set.

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