How To Insert Random Text In Microsoft Office Word 2010

Microsoft Office Word lets you quickly insert sample text into a document. In certain scenarios such as when creating a new Word template, you might want to insert some random text. Rather than copy pasting or typing random words you can use the built-in function in Word to insert some random text. Here’s how you can do it.


Just type =rand() and press Enter. A random paragraph will be inserted in your document where you typed the command automatically.


You can even modify the command to insert your desired number of paragraphs and lines.

Type =rand(p,s) where p is the number of paragraphs and s is the number of sentences in those paragraphs. For example, if you enter =rand(3,5), three paragraphs with five sentences will be inserted.



If any of the values inside the brackets are not entered, the default values will be used.

To insert non-localized, pseudo-Latin sample text in Word 2010, type =lorem() in the document where you want the text to appear, and hit Enter. If you use the command =lorem(), the default lorem ipsum sample text will be inserted instead of the random text.

You can control how many paragraphs and lines appear by adding numbers inside the parentheses of the lorem() function. The =lorem() function has the following syntax: lorem(p,l).

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  1. Peeyush

    This has been there since a long time (many older versions of Office had this), and are usually called as Easter Eggs 🙂

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