How to crop images using Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint has so much power that can really help you in making great presentation. Earlier, I had briefed on how to remove background using Microsoft PowerPoint which actually allowed you to use Microsoft PowerPoint for removing background. Now let us see how to crop the images using Microsoft PowerPoint. I am sure you will be amazed to see the power of it.

Crop images using PowerPoint

The steps are as follows:

  • Start your Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Insert any image which you want to use in your presentation


I have used  The Windows Club logo.

  • Click on the Image and you will find Picture Tool -> Format

Crop images using PowerPoint

  • You will find a Crop option – under that you will find 5 options – Crop, Crop to shape, Aspect ratio, Fill and Fit.

  • Let us see the above options in the sequence, if I choose Crop then it is just like ordinary Crop option you can find in Paint,etc

  • If you wish to have the image in particular shape like heart, smiley or any other geometrical which otherwise is difficult, then Crop to Shape is option for you.

Here I have converted the “The Windows Club” logo into a heart shape. You can try various other shapes also.

  • You might want to have to images with particular Aspect Ratio i.e. ratio of the width of the image to its height . You can change that also in portrait, landscape and square mode.

  • The two other options are also available. To remove part of the picture, but still fill the shape with as much of the picture as possible, you should choose Fill. If you want to make all of the picture fit within the shape you should choose Fit.

You can remove the background after cropping to get a nice clean image for your presentation.

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  1. Mary

    When I crop an image in Powepoint 2010, then try to remove the cropped portions with the “compress pictures” tool, significant portions that I had NOT cropped are also removed and the aspect ratios are changed, distorting the picture. Is this a bug? It worked well for me in older versions of Powerpoint. Any tips?

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