How to connect & use Surface Pen on Surface Pro 6

Microsoft’s Surface devices are great at being 2-in-1 devices. Plus, all of being a touch screen, it takes a user’s experience a level further. Except for the Surface Laptop and Surface Studio, each other Surface-branded computer can be used as a laptop and a tablet too. This brings in the availability of features that other traditional PCs hardly offer and at the same time leverage the maximum features of Windows 10 operating system like the Tablet Mode. One of the common features of all these devices including the Surface Studio is the inking feature that is used with the help of Surface Pen.


Connect & use Surface Pen on Surface Pro 6

First, we will be checking out how to connect a brand new Surface Pen to a Surface Pro 6.

1] Connecting a Surface Pen to a Surface Pro 6

Make sure that the Bluetooth of your Surface device is turned on.

Now, check if you have proper AAAA batteries in your Surface Pen.

Once you have that verified, just click on the top portion of your pen which is also the eraser, and you will see an entry for Surface Pen in the Bluetooth section of your Surface computer.

Click on Pair, and you are good to go.

2] Configuring the Surface Pen on a Surface Pro 6

Once your Surface Pen is paired to your Surface computer, you need to open the Windows 10 Settings App by hitting the WINKEY + I button combinations.

Navigate to Devices > Pen & Windows Ink.

Now, you will be in the main menu where you can configure everything about your Surface Pen.

Under the section of Pen, you can select what hand you write with, if you want to see visual effects while using your Surface Pen, Show a Cursor following your Pen’s trails, using your Surface Pen as a mouse in some desktop applications and ignoring touch input while using the Surface Pen.

Connect & use Surface Pen on Surface Pro 6

Then comes the section of Handwriting. You can select what size of font you want to use inside of the text field, what font you want to use when you want to ink in the text field to be enabled, if you want to ink with your fingertip inside the text field or work on the handwriting recognition.

Under the section of Windows Ink Workspace, you can check if you want to see recommendations for applications where you can use ink or your Surface Pen.

For Pen shortcuts, you can select either of the shortcuts for clicking once, double-click and press and hold

  • Screen Snipping.
  • Launch a Universal Windows Platform Application.
  • Launch a Classic Windows Application.
  • Bring on the Windows Ink Workspace.
  • Launch OneNote UWP.
  • Launch the Classic OneNote Application.
  • Launch Cortana.
  • And more.

You can also Allow apps to override the shortcut button behavior.

Hope you find this guide to be useful.

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