Compress jpeg images using hJPEG image compression software

When dealing with images for publishing on the web, it becomes very clear that it doesn’t make a lot of sense to upload a picture that is quite large because doing so ten to slow down the web page and put more pressure on the server. The best way to deal with a large image is to compress it, you know, make it smaller and more manageable. Now, there are several tools on the web for doing this task, but we’re going to focus our attention on hJPEG.

Compress jpeg images

Compress jpeg images

For those who are wondering, hJPEG is a program designed for the sole purpose of compressing large images. Furthermore, since compression can have a negative impact on the quality of an image, the tool allows the user to see how much negativity has been brought upon a picture, so you’ll be able to decide to on the rate of compression before saving.

hJPEG image compression software

The first step is to download the file from the official website right here, then unzip it. The executable file inside is portable. Therefore, you’ll have nothing to install. Just launch it and watch as hJPEG opens magically before your very eyes.

Once up and running, you’ll get a blank slate, and we really do mean a blank slate. The user interface is nothing but a light-grey area with not a single button in sight. In a situation like, you might be wondering what to do.

From what we have gathered, the only way to add images to the hJPEG tool is to copy and paste them there or drag and drop. After that, it’s time to compress your image, and yet again, there are no buttons to help with this task.

How to compress images

First up, you should know that the quality of images is rated by 1-10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. To compress an image, then, simply press any number from 1-10 and watch the changes on your screen.

To save, you can right-click on the screen within the tool and click on the option that says Save. Additionally, you can also right-click to rotate the image or reset it back to its original form. Now, while some might wish for a traditional graphical user interface, we’re here to say it’s not needed.

Everything is easy to follow, and once the steps are lodged in your brain, the task becomes easier every time.

All in all, we like what hJPEG bring to the table when compared to others like it. The program is simple, easy to use, and doesn’t take up a lot of resources, and that makes it perfect for slower computers.

Download hJPEG from The download link redirects to a dropbox link so you may want to get the file scanned. We have scanned the file and found it to be safe & legit.

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