Best free tools to compress image online without losing quality

If you are looking for an online image compressor, check out this article to get the list of some of the best free tools to compress image online without losing quality. It is possible to reduce image size without compromising the quality.

Free tools to compress image online

1] TinyPNG

Free tools to compress image online

TinyPNG is probably the most useful and easy to use online image size reducer that can compress up to 20 images at a time. However, the maximum size for each file is 5 MB. Talking about the image format, you can use either PNG or JPG image with this tool. Head over to the official website, and drop your image/s in the earmarked spot. Following that, it will compress the image and let you download it. The best part is you can also save the image to your Dropbox account as well.

2] Kraken

Free tools to compress image online

It is quite similar to TinyPNG, but it looks much better than that. Functionality wise, you can get better options for this tool. It is possible to image images from various locations, e.g., Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, apart from your computer or mobile. You can upload PNG or JPG image. The most interesting thing is you can choose how much you want to compress. In that case, if you compress a lot, you may lose the quality. Another useful feature is you can upload the compress image/s to Dropbox directly from the Kraken website.

3] is a quite a different looking website that comes with all the essential features you need. If your image has any other format like GIF or SVG – other than standard formats such as JPEG or PNG, you can use this tool to reduce the image size online. The file size limit is 10 MB, but you can upload only one image at a time. After finishing the compression, you can see the difference on your screen. Later, you can either download it to your computer, or you can save that in Google Drive or Dropbox.

4] Optimizilla

When you have a lot of images to compress, you can opt for Optimizilla, which allows users to upload 20 images at a time. Another useful feature is you can upload different image formats at a time. After uploading, it is possible to make the compression level higher or lower to meet your requirement. Although you cannot upload or save the compressed image to Google Drive or Dropbox, like other tools, you can certainly download them to your computer.

5] Toolur

Toolur image compression is another easy site to use a photo compression tool that can reduce the file size almost instantly. The best part is you can upload 25 images at a time, but each file should be within 30 MB. It has different compression levels some of which may damage the image quality – so you have to select the compression level carefully. Talking about the supported formats, you can upload PNG, JPEG as well as BMP images. The only drawback is it is slower than the other tools.

6] Compress Now

CompressNow is probably the fastest tool in this category. It can compress multiple images within a second. Although you can upload multiple images at a time, the maximum size limit is 9 MB. You can upload images in various formats including JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF. Like a smart tool, it shows a compression bar, which you can use to change the compression level. To use this tool, you need to upload image/s and then, hit the Compress now button. Like Optimizilla, you can upload different image formats at a time.

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  1. Social Viral

    Hello Sudip Majhi,
    Thanks for this list of image compressors. WP Smush is also a good option for bloggers.

  2. I think RIOT is a very good optimizer, both standalone and plug-in, if it’s still being supported and updated.

  3. Marcco Tomosius

    Have someone tried Cheetaho image compression tool? I saw that they have image optimization plugin for WordPress also.

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