How to hide the On-screen Volume Indicator in Windows 10


  1. Hello, I’m the author of Volume Step Adjuster and I want to address some misconceptions in this article:
    1) Hiding On-screen Volume Indicator was never an intended purpose of VSA. It hides it by accident.
    2) You should not run VSA via volstep.exe. Use volstep_START.bat. It launches the app and puts it in autorun automatically.
    3) Before running volstep_START.bat you may edit it and change VOLUME_STEP variable to change a volume step from 2% or 1% to any other value. Read README.DIZ for more instructions.
    4) To stop VSA, use volstep_STOP.bat, not Task Manager. This .bat file stops the app gracefully and removes it from autorun.

    Anyway, thanks for mentioning my app on your website!

  2. Hello ZXED, yes your tool does what you mentioned in your comment. However, what I mentioned in the article, is also true. Windows users can use your tool to hide the on-screen volume indicator using it. So, I don’t think that it is a “misconception”. Rather, that is an additional thing that can be done using Volume Step Adjuster.

  3. Hi. There’s another way to disable the icon like using the registry or “services”? I don’t want apps that runs in background taking resources.

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