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In the latest Avengers‘ release, in his quest of seeking out the location of the six Infinity Stones, Thanos finds himself challenged by an alliance of the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Nevertheless, he’s determined to bring stability to the universe. He wants to do that by wiping out its massive population that is inevitably using up the universe’s entire supply of resources.

Google has decided to join this end game with a little Easter egg. It enables you to participate in an immersive experience that allows you to wield the power of the Mad Titan Thanos himself. Playing Google’s Thanos Easter Egg is quite simple.

Also, we will see how to add the same Avengers disintegration effect to any of your photos online.

The dispersion or the disintegration effect breaks your photo into small pieces using an online editor. You can control the size and direction of the particles. And then create a pixelated dispersion effect to your image in real time. So, let’s walk you through the two processes quickly.

  1. How to access Thanos Easter egg on Google
  2. How to add Avengers-line disintegration/dispersion effect to your image in real-time.

How to access Google Thanos Easter Egg

Google has cleverly joined on the Endgame fun with a little Easter Egg about the movie’s main villain: Thanos. You can try it by going to, typing ‘Thanos’ in the search box, and pressing ‘Enter.’

Instantly, you’ll notice that in the little Google info-box that shows up on the right side of the results. Notice the image of Thanos’ Infinity Stone-encrusted gauntlet.

How to play Google Thanos Easter Egg

Click on it. The fingers of the hand will snap as shown in the image below.

Thanos Easter Egg

The power of this action wields far-reaching. It eliminates half of the search results before your eyes with a little music play in the background.

disperse effect

Fortunately, there is a big difference between the movie and the Easter egg.  It lives in search results are resembled by pieces of code and text, not humans.

Add Avengers Disintegration/Dispersion Photo Effect

If you are interested in adding Avengers-like disintegration/dispersion effect to your images visit this link.

Then select an image saved to your PC and drop it in the frame provided.

Add Avengers Disintegration/Dispersion Photo Effect

Next, highlight and brush the area you wish to pixelate with your mouse cursor and hit the ‘Render’ button.

Immediately, the Avengers-like disintegration or dispersion effect will be added to your image. The complete process is straight-forward and requires no specialized learning or a detailed how-to tutorial.

Modify disperse effect

Once, you have finished adding the desired effect to your image, and download and save it to your PC.

Please note that by default, the auto-render feature is on. It means you can create the dispersion effect in real time. As soon as you mark the area, the image will get pixelated. You can untick auto render to highlight more areas at once and then hit the Render button manually.

Apart from the above, there are other configuration options available like,

  • Particle Size – A slider that controls the size of the pixels created. From left to right it makes the particles from smaller to more significant.
  • Brush Size – The description is self-explanatory. The slider controls the size of the mouse cursor. By enhancing the size of the brush, you can highlight and affect more areas at once.
  • Reset – The action resets your image back to the original state.
  • Direction – The tool is visible as a small circle, just adjacent to the ‘Particle Size’ option. It indicates the direction where the dispersed particles will fly. 0 degrees makes the particles fly right — 180 – left, 90 – down, 270 – up and so on.

Previously, this feature was only available as a Photoshop action. However,  now it can be accessed for free and with just a few browser clicks. Also, just because its a free feature, it doesn’t mean it compromises on quality. You can achieve even more impressive results as compared to a Photoshop action.

The tool is safe and secure for use as it doesn’t intend to store your images. Privacy is taken care as the complete editing of image happens in your browser window. The only shortfall that comes across as a significant drawback for this tool is its inability to resize images. However, the final download is the same as your original.

Know of any other such stuff that would interest an Avenger fan?

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