Google Docs Tips and Tricks everyone should know

When it comes to a shared workspace to edit documents, Google Docs tops the list without any doubt. From editing to security – everything is full proof in Google Docs. If you are new to this editing & collaboration tool, here are some Google Docs tips and tricks that will let you work better in a shared workspace.

Google Docs Tips and Tricks

1] Edit Image


If you are not familiar with the many different image editing tools available, you can simply opt for Google Docs, as it will let you add various effects and resize it. It is possible to recolor an image, adjust transparency, brightness, and contrast. All these settings can be found at here: Format > Image Options. If you want to crop a picture, go to Format > Crop Image.

2] Download document in different formats

Google Docs tips and tricks

You can download a single document in different formats including .docx, .odt, .rtf, .pdf, .txt etc. For your information, if you select TEXT format, the image, and other formattings will be lost after downloading. If you want to download a document, go to File > Download as > Select format. It will take a few moments for the download to start automatically.

3] Insert equation

If you need to insert some mathematical equations, you can do so in Google Docs. You do not even have to copy it from any other third party website since there is an option that will let you add different equations. The format will be given by Google Docs, and you have to insert the values to complete it. It is possible to insert an algebraic equation, functional equation, integral equation, and more. Just go to Insert > Equation and select one format to insert.

4] Insert comment


Say you have written some words in the different language and you want to translate it for the benefit of those who may not understand that term. In such a scenario, you can add a comment so that other people can understand its meaning. You can also add a comment if you wish to reference something. To do so, select a word or text in your editor and click on the Comment button. Now you can write down your comment.

5] Use Thesaurus

Thesaurus helps users learn more words, find synonyms, etc. Instead of using any third party websites or tools while using Google Docs, you can use the inbuilt thesaurus of Google Docs. To use it, right-click on any word and select Define “word.” You can find everything mentioned above on your right-hand side. You can then select any word right from the list, and check the usage of that particular word.

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6] Replace certain characters with symbols

Google Docs tips and tricks

There are many symbols that are not available on your keyboard. For example, the copyright sign or the trademark sign are not available at all. If you want to use those symbols, here are few tips. You can use (c) to get the copyright sign, (r) to get the registered trademark sign and so on. All these are predefined in Google Docs. So if you want to add more shortcuts to replacements, here is a simple trick. Go to Tools > Preferences. Here you can find an option called Automatic substitution. Make sure this is checked. After that, you can select the replacements or set them accordingly.

7] Show revision history

If more than one person is editing a single document, there is a high chance of conflicts. Moreover if you want to check your editing timeline, you can open the revision history panel. Here, you can find all the edits done by different members of the team. From adding an image or make text bold – everything gets recorded in Google Docs. Open File > Show revision history. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H. By default, the revision panel shows the significant changes. However, if you want to check the detailed revisions, click on the option called Show more detailed revisions.

8] Install add-ons


Add-ons always help users get more out of any service or software by enriching its functionality. Google Docs also does support add-ons, whcih can be installed right from the Add-ons tab > Get add-ons. Some of the best Google Docs add-ons are g(Math), Template Gallery, Table of contents, Speech Recognition, Styles, etc.

9] Paste without formatting

Let’s assume that you are copying content from another resource. Whe you paste it, you will get all the links, formatting, heading tags, etc.  into Google Docs. If you do not want to want the formatting, right-click on empty space in Google Docs and select Paste without formatting.  Click OK on the popup and then press Ctrl + V to paste. All the formatting will be gone.

10] Embed document into website


There are times you may need to publish a document to the web. You can invite someone using an email, add collaborators, share the link and embed the whole document into a website. To do this go to File > Publish to the web > expand Publish content and settings > click on Start Publishing > select the affirmative option on the popup window > go to Embed tab > copy the iframe code > paste it into a webpage’s HTML section. The document will be visible to anyone after embedding it into the web page.

There are many other things that can be done using Google Docs. Let us know if we missed something important.

If you are a user then this tutorial is sure to interest you.

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