10 best Google Chrome Browser Experiments you want to check out

Google Chrome Experiments were started to test the performance of Google Chrome browser and also the abilities of JavaScript. All of these Chrome experiments were developed using web based open source technologies like JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Canvas and more. All these projects are user submitted and there are more thousands of projects right now. These projects on Chrome experiments show what all we can do with web based open source technologies and it really inspires to do a lot more.

Best Chrome Browser Experiments

Among many available projects, I found these interesting. There are experiments related to music, education, games, science and much more. Here we will take a look at 3D Periodic Table, Wilderness Downtown, Browser Ball, TypaTone, Draw A Square, Spell Up with Google,  Interstellar Endurance Exploration, Bouncy Balls, Bouncy Balls and Ocean of Words experiments.

1. 3D Periodic Table

Visual and interactive learning is the best way to learn. 3D periodic Table created by Sarath Saleem helps you to learn more about elements in an interactive way. You can click on any element and it would show you information about that element. To explore it, click on “Explore Atom” and it will show you the Bohr’s model of the atom in 2D.

2. The Wilderness Downtown

Wilderness Downtown is said to be unique short film created by Google Creative Lab. It is different from other short films as it shows the video in different windows and is based on Google Street View and Google Maps API. It asks for user location and tries to showcase the scenes and images around the place. It is really worth checking out.

Google Chrome Browser Experiments

3. Browser Ball

Mark Mahoney created the Browser Ball Chrome Experiment. It is simple but interesting games. It allows you to open multiple browser windows and start dragging the dropping the beach ball. This will roll all windows and you can see the ball moving from one window to another. It treats all windows one canvas and it shows the power of JavaScript. It is really fun trying out.

browserball chrome experiment

4. TypaTone

TypaTone is a Chrome Experiment related to music. It shows you the keyboard and music controls on the left side and space to type on the right side. You can use the shown keyboard or normal keyboard of your device to type character. It creates music for every character you type and to play it for all the words, just click on the ‘music’ icon.

typatone chrome experiment

It also allows you to type entire text in a single note and then start playing music. To do so, click on the ‘Notepad’ icon and start typing the text. It allows you to download the audio by paying a little and you can even share it over the internet.

5. Draw A Square

Draw Square Chrome Experiments will test you how well you can determine dimensions. It is all about drawing squares of the specified dimensions. It shows you the dimensions as width X height format and you need to draw the square matching the dimensions. Once done click on ‘Compare’ and it would give you the score based on the perfection of the square.

drawasquare chrome experiment

6. Spell Up with Google

Spell Up with Google is one of the best Chrome Experiments to learn the spelling of words in an interactive way. It has three levels and it asks you to spell the word. You need to give access to a microphone and as and when you spell the alphabet it is shown on the screen and once you spell the entire word correctly, it gives you points.

spell up with google chrome experiment

It also has a dictionary to say the meaning of the word and can translate the word to any language. It also asks you to pronounce the word to test your pitch. If your kid wants to spell words in an interactive way, then this experiment is recommended.

7. Interstellar Endurance Exploration

Hope you have watched Interstellar movie? If you remember, there is an Endurance ship in that movie and if you are looking to explore more about it, then this experiment is for you. This Chrome experiment was created by AvatarLabs, Xymatic and Warner Bros collectively. You can move around and explore the Endurance beyond what was shown in the movie.

endurance chrome experiment

8. Bouncy Balls

Bouncy Balls Chrome Experiment is one of the fun oriented games. This allows you to throw balls by clicking on them or a mouse click on the screen would make all the balls bounce. Not only balls, you can even choose the emojis to get bounced by selecting the appropriate mode. It allows you to adjust the bounciness.

bouncy balls chrome experiments

9. Planet Sudoku

Planet Sudoku allows you to play Sudoku. It allows you to choose the dimension of the board and can change the background to whatever you want. It shows a number of moves you have made and the score. You can use the ‘Helpers’ tab to complete the Sudoku if you find it difficult.

planet sudoku chrome experiment

10. Ocean of Words

Ocean of Words shows the word and letters are scattered in the ocean. You need to guide the whale towards the letters that make the complete word. Your game will be completed when your whale catches all the letters which form the word.

ocean of words chrome experiment

On the way, there will be some cake pieces which you need to feed your blue whale. This is really an interesting way to learn words and spellings and must give a try to teach your kids.

These are some of the best Chrome Experiments I came across. Give a try and let us know your opinion. If you have anything to add, please do share with us through comments.

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