GnuCash: Free accounting software for Small Business

If you run a business and are looking for a good and free accounting software for small business, then GnuCash is perfect for you. It is a free and open source accounting software, and  comes with a double-entry book-keeping system. GnuCash is a part of the GNU Project and supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating system. Support for Microsoft Windows was introduced a little late, viz version 2.2.0 onwards.

Free accounting software for Small Business

free accounting software for small business

There is a long list of features supported by GNUCash which includes:

  • Double-Entry bookkeeping
  • HBCI support
  • Stock/Mutual Fund Portfolios
  • Budget
  • Bank and Credit Card reconciliation
  • SQL support
  • Scheduled Transactions
  • Transaction-Import Matching Support
  • Mortgage and Loan Repayment Assistant
  • Built-in and custom reports and charts
  • And Many More…

Small business accounting features include:

  • Invoicing
  • Accounts Receivable (A/R)
  • Accounts Payable (A/P) including bills due reminders
  • Employee expense voucher
  • Depreciation
  • Mapping to income tax schedules and TXF export for import into tax prep software (US)
  • Setting up tax tables and applying sales tax on invoices.

GnuCash is written in C and a small fraction in Scheme. The interface is quite good and user-friendly and you would never face problems regarding the interface.

GnuCash does accounting and transactions in a more transparent or visible manner, which makes it easier for students who are learning account, to learn the basics of double entry bookkeeping.

So if you are looking out for a free business accounting software for Windows 7, you should definitely check out GNUCash. Though the installer is a little big in size, remember that it will save you money that would have been spent on a paid application.

GnuCash free download

You can download GnuCash from here.

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