Give your Windows PC insomnia !

There may be times that you do not wish your computer to sleep. The default power settings for Windows are set up so a computer will go to sleep after the stipulated minutes of inactivity, thus saving power.

However, sometimes a computer may be busy even though someone isn’t actively using the mouse and keyboard. In these cases, you may not want the computer to sleep.

In fact, most media players and disc burners tell Windows not to go to sleep while they’re running.

But for those times when the computer is busy doing something and the relevant program doesn’t suppress the default sleep behavior, you might to consider using Insomnia from Microsoft.


Insomnia is a simple WPF portable application that calls the SetThreadExecutionState API to disable sleep mode for as long as it’s running.

Check it out at MSDN Blogs | Download.

Also check out Mouse Jiggler & Sleep Preventer.

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  1. nice share……….very useful

  2. I’m inquiring about the software–
    Windows PC insomnia

    How may I download it?
    Yours Truly, AB

  3. Phil

    Oh yeh give me confusion Microsoft.
    Use Power option in XP works fine,
    Use Power in Win 7 and even when your pc is busy it sleeps
    I HATE WIN7 WITH A VENGENCE – I have NEVER used such a RUBBISH software in my LIFE!!
    I have no choice to go back to Win XP otherwise I AM going to smash this Laptop UP!

  4. ffp

    Alternative software with more futures “Coffee_FF” located at

  5. PingPong

    Can this tool prevent my RDP session from timeout? I want to keep my RDP session active all the time, while I am working other tasks on my local machine. That is, my RDP session to remote machine is kept active, and I can still work on my local machine. What tools have this function?

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