Fx_cast adds support for Chromecast on Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla’s Firefox is one of those web browsers who is working to fight the dominance of Google Chrome and Chromium engine on the Internet. Gecko engine is the one used by Mozilla Firefox while Google Chrome uses Chromium. Even Microsoft has announced moving Microsoft Edge from the EdgeHTML engine to Chromium as well. Running on Gecko, Mozilla Firefox does not get native support for Google’s Chromecast. But people have been working hard to bring in support for Chromecast on Mozilla Firefox. A developer has built a Firefox Extension called Fx_cast which fulfills the missing Chromecast capabilities.

Add Chromecast support to Firefox

Support for Chromecast casting on a web browser brings in the capability to a web browser to cast media files to a Chromecast compatible device like a TV, Media TV Stick or a Smart speaker like a Google Home speaker.

This extension is currently in a very early beta development stage. But can be used properly with Netflix and YouTube. It is available for Mozilla Firefox on Windows, Linux as well as MacOS.

Install Fx_cast on Firefox

The latest releases for it are available on Matt Hensman’s page here.

You need to download the Bridge file for your respective operating system and the Mozilla Firefox extension file too. Now, you need to install the Bridge first.

Once that is done, open Mozilla Firefox. In the address bar, type in the following and hit Enter: about:addons

On the left side navigation panel, select Extensions.

On the right side panel, click on the gear icon and select Install Add-on from a file… It will open a mini File Explorer where you need to select the downloaded XPI file.

Add Chromecast support to Firefox

You will now be prompted to install the Add-on on Mozilla Firefox as shown in the snippet above. Select Add in the mini window.

This installs the extension on your copy of Mozilla Firefox.

Now, you can cast your site’s application, tab or the screen by selecting the extension’s icon from the top right portion of the Mozilla Firefox web browser as shown in the screen snippet above.

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