Use Freegate anti-censorship software to bypass internet censorship & browse freely

The Internet has blended into our lifestyles so well that we take it for granted. Most of us use a series of gadgets that make use of the internet for various needs. With the advent of social media and live broadcasting feature, it has become easier for common people to express themselves on the worldwide web. However, some of the countries take control of content the citizens can access this is called as Internet Censorship. The extent of internet censorship differs from country to country. Generally speaking, the democratic countries have a moderate censorship policy while the others usually indulge in over the board censorship.

In this segment, we are here to help such countries access the internet freely, like the rest of the world. Before you begin, you should know that there may be legal implications arising if you try to circumvent internet censorship, so please familiarize yourself with the law of your land first.

Freegate is a internet censorship circumvention software that has been developed by Dynamic Internet Technology. This tool allows citizens of some countries to access the websites blocked by their respective Government. The program uses a set of proxy servers which will help users bypass the Internet firewalls that usually block the sites.

Do we need Internet Censorship?

While in some cases it might be absolutely essential to impose Internet Censorship in most of the other cases it is used as a tool by the government. According to a survey, 71-percent of the respondents agreed that “censorship should exist in some form” however 83-percent of the same people also agreed that “access to the Internet should be basic human right.”

Freegate anti-censorship software

Freegate anti-censorship software

As explained earlier, Freegate is an anti-censorship software which facilitates secure and fast internet access. You can use Freegate anti-censorship software to bypass internet censorship & browse the web freely.

The salient features of the Freegate tool are as follows:

Users can access overseas websites at the same speed as the local ones- Most of us use a VPN software for accessing geographically restricted content. However, the use of VPN or even Tor Browser reduces the Internet speed drastically. With Freegate you can rest assured that all the overseas sites will open as fast as the local websites.

Unlike other tools, using the Freegate is simple. It doesn’t require installation and the settings menu is also pretty straightforward. Moreover, Freegate doesn’t change your system settings and thus lesser is the chance of breaking things related to network connections. All one needs to do is open the single executable file on the Windows Platform. The developers have enhanced the anti-censorship capability with the new unique encryption and compression algorithm which is present in the version 6.33 and above. The best part is that this program is completely free and works like a charm.

How to use Freegate internet censorship circumvention software

The initial setup is mainly divided into two submenus, one that routes all the websites through the Feedgate Proxy and the other that lets you choose a direct connection to your list of websites. Users can also add/remove a particular website from the direct connection list. Meanwhile, Feedgate will still route the traffic to other websites via its proxies.

Alternatively, users can also make a whitelist of websites. The feature is called “Security White List” You can also choose whether or not you want to see the initial setup screen the next time you run Freegate.

The settings menu will let you allow/disallow certain functions like Active X and Java. Users can set the program to automatically stop when it detects an unstable network. One can also choose when to run the program, you can either run it at startup or fire it up manually from the .exe file. That apart you also switch between Proxy Mode and the Classic Mode.

You can download the Freegate anti-censorship software from its homepage. You can use it to bypass internet censorship to browse the internet freely.

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  1. Jim

    You do realize that someone is caught circumventing governmental censorship of the internet, it can lead to imprisonment and even execution in many of the censoring countries…right?

    I find it strange that a site owner that gets pissed when someone circumvents his anti-adblocker…would allow the recommendation of software that would circumvent governmental censorship, break the laws of several nations, and lead to arrest and possible execution of the person using it.

    BTW…Admiral, is completely ineffective. Nice try though….

  2. Hellboy

    Funny that Windows Club is now teaching people to violate their nation’s laws…lol

    “Use Freegate anti-censorship software to bypass internet censorship & browse freely”…and get heavily fined and/or imprisoned by your government when they catch you.

  3. Mahit Huilgol

    We have mentioned in our 2nd para – “Before you begin, you should know that there may be legal implications arising if you try to circumvent internet censorship. Just like all the other things on the internet use Anti censorship tools at your own discretion.

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