Free Skype Call Recorder for Windows, to record Skype video & audio calls

Skype is one of the most popular and commonly used modes of having conversations over the internet. Skype’s text, voice/video calls make it simple to have conversations and share experiences with your loved ones, wherever they are. There may be times when you may want to record Skype calls. In such cases, these free Skype Call Recorder software are sure to help you.


Free Skype Call Recorder for Windows

While there is no such feature available in Skype, there are some reliable third-party applications which help you recording your calls and save them to watch later. In this post, we will learn about some of such best tools to record your Skype calls.

Record Skype calls

These free Skype Call Recorders can seamlessly record voice and video call right from your computer. But, you need to install the Classic Skype software – the inbuilt Skype app of Windows 10 may not work with these tools.

1] iFree Skype Recorder

iFree Skype Recorder is a freeware which comes with a feature called unlimited call recording, which means no matter how long your call is, this program can record it to the end. While it can record only your audio calls, it is still a good option to try. With its simple and user-friendly interface, the program is pretty easy to use, even for the users who are new to Skype.  iFree Skype Recorder

There are two different modes of recording in iFree- Manual and Automatic. Automatic recorder when turned ON, starts recording your call right when it starts. On the other hand, Manual Mode gives you more control over the call. You can start the recording when you want to. In both the modes, the recorder is displayed on your screen which shows that recording is in the process.

2] Amolto Call Recorder

Record Skype calls

This free Skype call recorder app can record voice call as well as video call without any problem. Talking about the quality, you can find a proper sound as well as video quality in the output. There is no limitation on recording time, and hence you might not lose it during a long conversation with someone. Regarding the file extension, you can find .mp4 for video and .mp3 for audio. After installation, you do not have to start it to record any call since it starts automatically whenever you get connected to somebody on Skype. Visit its website for details.

3] Call Graph Toolbar

Call Graph Toolbar is another Skype recorder tool worth adding to the list of free Skype call recording software. It records your calls in WAV and MP3 format. It records both SkypeOut/SkypeIn calls as well as the Skype P2P calls. It records your calls in good quality, and the best thing is that doesn’t bring any malware or spyware along. Call Graph Tools

Once you download and install the Call Graph, you need to authorize and connect the tool with Skype. Restart Skype, and you will then be able to connect Call Graph recording tool to your Skype account. Check out the Options tab to start recording your call and other settings.

4] TalkHelper

TalkHelper is another free plugin to record your audio as well as the video calls on Skype. Download and install it on your system, and you are ready to record all your calls on Skype. It is a quick tool which lets you record and saves your calls with just a single click. The recorded files are by default stored in your local disk as AVI files with XVID codec which you can watch later using a suitable media player.TalkHelper

There is also an option of automatic call recording in TalkHelper. Once you turn this feature ON, the tool starts recording your calls, as soon as it gets connected. One of the notable features of this tool is that it supports all versions of Windows and Skype. So, no matter what version of Windows and Skype you are using, you can always record your calls with TalkHelper.

5] Callnote Premium Call Recorder

Free Skype Call Recorder for Windows

Although the name contains the word – Premium, you can download Callnote Premium Call Recorder for free on Windows computer. It comes with another Professional edition, which is paid. However, if you are about to use this tool for the personal purpose, you do not have to purchase it anyway. Talking about available features, you can record Skype, Google+ Hangouts, Facebook videos calls and Viber audio and video calls. Apart from free functionalities, you might find some drawbacks as well. For example, you cannot record more than ten calls per month; you won’t get HD video recording, etc.

6] Pamela

Free Skype Call Recorder for Windows

Pamela is another excellent free Skype call recording software for Windows Vista and later version. Like other standard apps, it records calls automatically, works like an answering machine, calls scheduler, etc. Talking about recording, it can record audio as well as video and in high quality so that you can use it further. You can choose between Mono and Stereo so that you can opt for the best audio that suits your needs. The only disadvantage of Pamela is you cannot record more than 15 minutes. However, the professional or paid edition doesn’t come with any such restriction.

7] VodBurner

VodBurner is one of the best Skype call recording tools available over the internet which not just records your video calls but also helps you edit them. However, the tool is not free and comes with a free trial version of 14 days. With VodBurner you can record the calls, and pause/resume them when required.  It continues recording the same file when you resume. VodBurner Allowed

The automatic call recording is turned ON by default, but you can turn it Off if you want and get the manual control over the recorder.

8] Skype Auto Recorder

Skype Auto Recorder is a free Windows program which allows you to record your Skype calls. Unlike the other such tools, this program lets you record the calls for specific contacts. It is set to default automatic call recording but lets you create a list of contacts whose calls you don’t want to record. It records all your calls in an MP3 format.Skype Auto Recorder Settings

It comes as a zipped file, and you first need to download and extract the files to run the program. Once installed its icon resides in the system tray.

9] Evaer

Evaer is one of the best free Skype call recorder software for Windows. Like the previous app, it has a free and paid version. The only limitation of the free edition of Evaer is you cannot record more than 5 minutes call. Talking about the functionalities, you would get 1080p as well as 720p video recording, high-quality audio recording, get picture-in-picture mode during recording, etc. Apart from that, you can record only MP3 calls for audio calls. The best part is it is compatible with standard Skype app for Windows, Skype UWP as well as Skype for Business.

10] MP3 Skype Recorder

MP3 Skype Recorder is a free tool which allows you to record the Skype conversations and to store them as high-quality Mp3. It is very basic and simple to understand and use. You can see that it has three buttons Record, Pause, and Play.

Recording a voice call can help you in a lot of ways, for example, if you are running a startup and you provide voice support to your customers then you might feel that you should voice recordings based on which you can redefine your services.

Skype, a part of Microsoft has always been considered as the best video/voice calling software application, but sadly there is no built-in option for recording your calls. There are times when we wish to record a voice or a video conversation and watch it later, may it be an interview with an employee or be a personal chat with some of your loved ones. This is where these freeware can help you. If you have any suggestions, please do share in the comments below.

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