Top 5 free Dictionary and Thesaurus apps for Windows 10

The Dictionary and the Thesaurus help find the most appropriate word for a context. Here are the top 5 free Dictionary & Thesaurus apps for Windows 10. One thing is knowing English, and its grammar and another is the choice of words. We cannot repeat the same word in a paragraph many times (unless it’s a preposition). Doing so makes it look childlike. Furthermore, native English speakers use more appropriate words which we may know but won’t strike into our mind while writing.

In short, vocabulary is the key to writing better English. While a dictionary helps us find “word meanings,” it cannot help us choose the most appropriate option to fit in a sentence. This is what we use the Thesaurus for. It helps us find words with similar meanings so we could use the most appropriate one.

Dictionary and Thesaurus apps for Windows 10

Use the following online dictionaries and thesauruses to better your English:

1] WordWeb

wordweb niche example

Probably one of the easiest app available of the Microsoft store, I kept WordWeb at the top of the list. It includes words in both British and American English. The dictionary & thesaurus includes audio pronunciation, text pronunciation, adjectives, adverbs, synonyms, antonyms, similar word, verbs, and nouns.This easy-to-use app is everything you need for working on your vocabulary. It is available as a desktop software as well as a Microsoft Store app. You can use the desktop software for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 too – and without the internet as well!

2] Advanced English Dictionary and ThesaurusDictionary and Thesaurus apps for Windows 10

With more than 140,000 entries and 1.4 million words, WordNet is perhaps the most diverse dictionary and thesaurus. Over and above synonyms and antonyms, the app helps find hypernyms, hyponyms, and meronyms. The fuzzy filter helps in correcting words that are typed incorrectly, just like Google. It maintains the history so you could revise your searches and also allows you to save favorites. For more details, check the details on the Microsoft store here.

3] The Free DictionaryThe Free DictionaryThe Free Dictionary link to the original website. It contains a basic offline database, along with a comprehensive online database, covering over 40 languages. Other than it’s huge database, The Free Dictionary helps connect with other users using social platforms and email. The dictionary plusplus thesaurus includes Medical, Legal, Financial terms, unlike other counterparts. It is available in the Microsoft store.

4] WordBook WordBookA pretty common app, WordBook claims it won awards. The quick and comprehensive app everything a common dictionary plus thesaurus needs to have. The USP of the WordBook app is real human voices for pronunciations, which make the users feel comfortable. It syncs with five online dictionaries, thus helping users find references for the toughest of words. Download WorkBook from the Microsoft store here.

5] Sidebar Dictionary Sidebar DictionaryThe Sidebar Dictionary app is useful for those who would prefer a side-by-side dictionary plus thesaurus while editing your documents. The amazing app helps decide the best word options to use. While grammar checkers always existed, we need a thesaurus to choose the most appropriate word for the context, and this is what the Sidebar Dictionary app helps with. Grab it from the Microsoft Store.

TIP: Also check out Lingoes, the free Text Translator & Dictionary software.

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