Fix: Windows Live Photo Gallery database corrupted in Windows 7


  1. There is no such file/path as %userprofile%AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows Live Photo Gallery
    so, I’m not sure what you mean. If %userprofile% is supposed to mean something to the casual observer, it does not to me.

    I’m baffled having installed Windows Photo Gallery twice. All the stuff seems to be in a folder in programsx86 and I can click all I want on the Photo Gallery icons wherever I find them but to no avail.

  2. I am running windows 7 with windows live photo gallery. I can view and delete but I can no longer edit. i did try repair and it didn’t work. I took the computer to a repairer who replaced my hard drive. Still problem not fixed. Unfortunately since I have replaced the hard drive I cant restore back to when it worked.. I have no pd4 or pd5 files but there is a pd6. Not sure what this means. Contacted Microsoft but as they don’t support the product anymore, they wouldn’t provide any info. I have uninstalled and reinstalled on new drive…still not working. I take LOTS of photos and I have not found anything as quick to use where I can manipulate shadows and highlights so effectively. So easy the alter the colour and saturation. I have spent hours looking at options and still cannot fix or find an equivalent application. Can anyone help? Thank you.

  3. Yes, support for Windows Essentials which includes Photo Gallery has been discontinued as its a old software. But its still working & I too using it. I don’t know why you got your hard disk replaced if Photo Gallery option was not working?

    Now coming to the issue faced by you, by no longer edit in Photo gallery you mean that all files or only some of them? Are you getting any error message or edit options are just disabled? Can you please check what’s the type of file you are trying to edit? Is it a .PNG or .JPEG or .JPG? If its a .PNG file edit options are disabled. So try any .jpg file & see if the edit options gets highlighted. If that is the case then convert your .PNG file to .JPG & try editing in WL Photo Gallery. Hope this helps.

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