Fix wdf01000.sys BSOD on Windows 10

Wdf01000.sys is a file associated with Windows Driver Framework which in turn handles the system drivers. Corruption of this file/process means that the drivers would start giving trouble eventually leading to a Blue Screen of Death error. The error descriptions associated with this error code could be:

  • System_Thread_Exception_Not_Handled
  • Page_Fault_In_Nonpaged_Area
  • System_Service_Exception
  • Kmode_Exception_Not_Handled

While the troubleshooting for each would depend on the error message, there are a few generic steps you can take to try and resolve the issue.

wdf01000.sys Blue Screen Error

wdf01000.sys bsod windows 10

In case you are facing wdf01000.sys Blue Screen issues, try the following suggestions:

  1. Run DISM to repair Windows System Image
  2. Update Device Drivers. If you updated any Driver, use the Rollback Driver option
  3. Run Driver Verifier Manager Tool
  4. Run System File Checker at Boot time
  5. Run the Blue Screen Troubleshooter.

1] Run the DISM tool

Run the DISM tool to repair a potentially corrupted system image. If a Windows image becomes unserviceable, you can use the Deployment Imaging and Servicing Management (DISM) tool to update the files and correct the problem.

2] Update Device Drivers

Updating drivers can be helpful in resolving this Blue Screen error. We could also consider rolling back any recently updated driver. Here’s the procedure to update and roll-back drivers in Windows 10.

Since updating each and every driver individually could be difficult, we could consider using one of these free driver update software for the same.

3] Run Driver Verifier Manager Tool

The Driver Verifier Manager is a very useful tool to identify problematic drivers.

Since the issue is with the drivers, running the Driver Verifier Manager Tool to test problematic drivers could be helpful. The Driver Verifier Manager tests each specified driver at startup. If it detects a problem, it identifies it and then stops it from running.

4] Run SFC scan at boot time

A boot-time SFC scan could help replace the Wdf01000.sys or any associated file if missing or corrupt.

5] Run the Blue Screen troubleshooter

windows 10 blue screen troubleshooter

The Blue Screen Troubleshooter is a generic troubleshooter which detects and resolves common causes behind Blue Screen errors.

Click on the Start button and select Settings (the gear-like symbol) > Updates and Security > Troubleshoot. From the list of troubleshooters, run the Blue Screen troubleshooter.

Hope something helps!

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