Fix Video Scheduler Internal Error Blue Screen Error

The Graphics Card on a computer is a very important component of a computer. They are responsible for rendering a number of objects on your computer. But there can be scenarios when the performance of this rendering can degrade, and your computer can trigger a blue screen error with the message VIDEO SCHEDULER INTERNAL ERROR.


The VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR bug check has a value of 0x00000119. This indicates that the video scheduler has detected a fatal violation.

Today, we will be discussing how to fix it.


The following potential fixes could be carried out to fix VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR error on Windows 10:

  1. Rollback recently updated driver
  2. Update Graphics Driver
  3. Run System File Checker at Boot Time
  4. Physically check the Graphics Card Hardware

If you cannot boot normally to the desktop, you may boot to Advanced Startup Options and perform a System Restore operation. If you can, then it is also recommended that you carry out these tasks mentioned below in Safe Mode only.

1] Update, Rollback or Disable Various Drivers


After booting into the Safe Mode, open Device Manager.

The main drivers that might be a cause for this particular file will be listed under the section of Display Adapters inside of the Device Manager. But, look out for issues under each category listed in the Device Manager window. So if you recently updated these drivers, roll back and see. If you did not, then we suggest you Update, Rollback or Disable these drivers.

2] Update Graphics Drivers

Now, the best practice for you should be to go to the website of your manufacturers like NVIDIA, AMD or Intel. Go to the section called Drivers. And download the latest definitions from there.

  • You can get the latest NVIDIA Graphics Drivers from here.
  • If you use a Graphics Card from AMD, find them here.
  • If you are one of those who uses Graphics Cards from Intel, head here.

After the download has been completed, just install the graphics driver and reboot your computer.

3] Uninstall Faulty Drivers

First of all, start by hitting the WINKEY + R button combination to start the Run box and type in devmgmt.msc and then finally hit EnterThis will open the Device Manager.

Now, if your computer has any faulty drivers, their icon will be marked with a yellow exclamation mark. Check which entries would not affect the normal functioning of your computer. And then, right click on such entries, and then click on Uninstall. After you uninstall them, just reboot your computer and allow the computer to reinstall the driver.

4] Check the Graphics Card Hardware Manually

For that, I would recommend trying to physically disconnect any external device connected to your computer and check if that fixes the Blue Screen of Death Error. You can also check any physical damage to your Graphics Card and try to get it to an engineer if found.

Hope something helps!

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