Fix: Internet Explorer High Memory Usage


  1. The laptops provided by the companies do not allow to use/install other browsers…including the prior corporations i worked for

  2. Use your imagination,genius. Obviously, they don’t know what they’re missing. And what are they missing? What is better, and how?

  3. Because a multi billion dollar corporation whose os is the most used in the entire world should have in the begining gotten their browser right. What company directly refers those who are already their clients to use another product created by rivals in the same business?

  4. Unfortunately, IE is the only browser I’ve found so far that lets me swipe my laptop touchpad left at the top to go “back”, so I can’t get rid of it… I’ve tried, but always have to come back.

  5. IE has horrible memory usage. It also often doesn’t close all the browser windows when I exit, forcing me to do it manually in either Task Manager or by using Process Hacker. It will slowly suck up all your RAM and then start saving to the hard drive.

  6. Lol I fix computers daily, most infections come through Firechicken and Chrome through the garbage extensions, useless browsers especially for the computer illiterate plus my IE is faster than both of them. Its all in the user 🙂 Neither has the security IE has either.

  7. You must be joking. IE is a steaming pile of garbage, and a HUGE majority of the tech community knows this.

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