Run Internet Explorer in No Add-ons mode


  1. Fantastic!! This was just the info I needed…and to us different ways of doing the same thing is just perfect. Thanks so much for posting.

  2. “%ProgramFiles%Internet Exploreriexplore.exe” -extoff
    doesnt seem to work with IE11. I typed that & nothing happened 🙁 Any ideas?

  3. This really helped me today, when a customer’s Internet Explorer 11 kept crashing after a few
    seconds with an error message saying a problem caused the program to
    stop, etc. It runs Windows 8, btw. I held down WindowsKey+R and a Run box popped up. In it, I typed “iexplore -extoff” (but with no inverted commas, of course!) You note I omitted any path – the program is auto-pathed anyway on most PCs. Internet Explorer opened normally, and I located the faulty add-on, a well-known problem with Avast! (its add-on can crash recent versions of IE). I used the add-ons manager in IE’s “Tools” menu to disable the culprit. Problem solved!

  4. I don’t have popups per se, it is some text enhancer that highlights certain words and does a hover over popup with some ad in it. Also when the customer opens her browser at the top of any page she goes to is an embedded link to some ad. I run with the -extoff switch and the behavior stops. But I can not see any addon in the manage addon screen that should cause it.

  5. When I go to accessories>system tools>internet explorer (No Add-Ons), it doesn’t work. I’m running windows 7. Any ideas why it doesn’t work? I used to.

  6. I have used the option disable the add-on’s but it did not work for me. I am opening the IE8 using Loadrunner tool to prepare my test script. Please suggest.

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