Firework lets you convert Websites to Desktop Applications


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  2. Hmmm… I don’t really see ads here on TWC. As for trackers, your post got me curious so I check my EFF Privacy Badger extension and it shows 8 trackers (mostly Disqus) plus 13 more that EFF doesn’t think are really trackers. So, yeah, trackers indeed; but again, prolly not unreasonable as compared to others. My two cents.

  3. Curious as to advantages of converting webpages to “apps”? I suppose one can just click on a shortcut to call up the particular webpage… but my browser is always open and clicking a bookmark doesn’t require much more time or effort. Other advantages, perhaps?

  4. This is in the software licence agreement that you need to accept before installing the software:

    “5.4. The User hereby acknowledges and agrees that other the web applications may be automatically selected, recommended or added to the Software, such selection being performed completely automatically, using anonymous user information.”

    Unless I’m misinterpreting it, it seems like you’re giving permission for this application to install “recommended” apps automatically. The agreement also says that this application uses parts of Chromium so I’m wondering if it’s just a customized web browser under the covers.

  5. This is only a usability story.
    1. You do not need to look for a web applications among the browser tabs (Wunderlist, Trello, Gmail, JIRA, Evernote). You can pin them to the taskbar, and its will always be at hand. You can use hot keys to start these applications and to switch to them. Just use web apps as apps!
    2. You can put your web applications in the system tray. For example, if you listen to music, radio or white noise on a web site. Just add it to Firework, and you will not accidentally close the tab with the music.
    3. Firework have accelerating mechanism for immediate launch of web applications. Your web application is ready to use at once after clicking.
    4. You can use Firework for instant messengers without native clients under the PC. For example, for Facebook Messenger. You can use Firework for instant messengers with very heavy clients, for example, Whatsapp. Firework runs Whatsapp 30 times faster than native client.
    5. Little bonuses: to pretend to be a mobile browser or block advertising.

  6. This section of the agreement is necessary only so that at time of the first Firework launch it already had a few applications for an example.

    Firework is Chromium browser in NW.js shell. This is not a secret. Firework is not rocket science, it’s just a convenient productivity tool. 🙂

  7. Thanks for the explanation; it wasn’t apparent to me what Firework actually did; now I have a better understanding.

  8. Thank you. Feel free to ask any questions. This is an experimental product, user feedbacks helps us create a really useful tool.

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