How to find Facebook friends on Xbox Live with Windows 10 Xbox app

There’s a new version of the Xbox app for Windows 10 and brings with it some cool new features. Nothing super impressive, but things users of the app might find useful right now or later in the future.

The look and feel of the app haven’t changed at all from the previous version so finding the differences might be confusing for some. But not to worry, this is one of the reasons why we have come up with this article to highlight the changes and whether or not you should care about them.

Find Facebook friends with Windows 10 Xbox app

Find Facebook friends with Windows 10 Xbox app

The most notable change is the ability for users to link the Xbox app with their Facebook account. This makes it possible for users to find friends on Facebook, who have also linked their account with the Xbox app.

To do so, launch the Xbox app for Windows 10 and take a peek at the right-side, there should be an option to link to Facebook from there. Now, if it is not showing in the right-hand section, the next best place to find the option is by way of visiting the settings page.

Look to the left-pane and choose the icon at the very bottom, then click on General. The option to link your Xbox Live account with Facebook should be right there.

For now, the feature isn’t that useful because personally, I have several folks on Facebook who are part of the Xbox Live family, and none of them could be found using this feature. This is because they have yet to link their accounts, which is not surprising since the Xbox app for Windows 10 is very new, and the Facebook feature is also new.

Hey, you guys can go ahead and give it a shot. Chances are, you may have better luck.

Another neat feature is the ability to do voiceovers in Game DVR. Many fans have asked for this, and we can say without a doubt that it works really well. Furthermore, if you’ve always wanted to purchase Xbox One games from the app, it is now possible.

Previously, if users click on the Store icon, they would be brought to the Windows Store. Folks who have been using it since the days of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 should know by now how useless it is. That is why we were happy to find out that the Xbox app now gives the user access to the Xbox Live Store.

From here, Xbox One owners can purchase video game content for their console. Users can view images of any games, or even watch videos created by the community.

Microsoft also made it possible for users to add Xbox digital codes via the app. Your Xbox Live subscription is coming to an end? Well, no need to turn on your Xbox One to update the account, just do it all right from the Xbox app.

Overall, the new features are great, and it just goes to show how Microsoft is taking the Xbox app on Windows 10 very seriously.

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