Best free File Splitter and Joiner software for Windows 10

Do large file sizes also trouble you? There is a limit to the size we can attach with emails; then there are limits while uploading data to various websites. If this was not less, we might have also to face physical storage constraints where the storage size of the device is less than the file that you want to transfer. A good way of dealing with such situations is splitting your files into smaller parts so that they can fit any device or uploaded to any website. In this post, we’ve covered some of the best file splitting & joining options available for Windows 10/8/7.

Free File Splitter and Joiner software


Free File Splitter and Joiner software

SplitByte is a simple and free file splitting and joining software. It comes with a variety of features which makes this tool more usable in most of the scenarios. For splitting a file, you need to specify an input file and the destination folder. Once you have selected a file, you can specify how do you want to split your files. Either you can split your files into n number of equal parts. Or you can split after every n KB/MB/GB. The program also comes preloaded with size pre-sets for CDs and DVDs in case you want to burn a large file into separate disks. The program also comes with additional features such as encrypted parts, automatic email feature, automatic shutdown on completion. Joining process is similar as well. You need to give split parts as input and the program will compile back the original file. You can also verify the MD5 signature of both the files using the inbuilt utility.


FFSJ stands for Fast File Splitter and Joiner. The program claims to optimize disk-cache and memory usage so that it can split and join files as fast as possible. This tiny little tool is easy to use and comes with great features. First of all, it integrates well with the right click menu of Windows Explorer. Second, it can encrypt your files and also later verify MD5 checksums. Third, the tool is compatible with files created by another popular file splitting software called HJSplit. Click here to download FFSJ.


HJSplit is the most popular of this lot. The tool is cross-platform and supports many platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac, JAVA, PHP, BSD, etc. The tool comes with all the required features such as encryption and MD5 verification. Moreover, the tool supports up to 100 GBs of data and is completely portable. Go for HJSplit if you want to perform splitting and joining on different operating systems or platforms. Click here to download HJSplit.


FileFriend is again another similar file joining and splitting tool, but it has something else to offer as well. Other than splitting, joining and encrypting the tool can also encrypt and hide your files under a JPG file. The final created files will look like JPG images, and they can be opened in any photo viewer, but these files will have an encrypted file stored underneath. This feature comes handy when you truly want to hide some large files on your computer.

These were a few free File Splitter and Joiner software that we believe get the job done. You might need these tools if you are trying to upload files to a website with an upload size limit. Or you just want to transfer the files over to your friend in a USB or multiple disks. These tools can help you splitting and encrypting your files. Encryption along with splitting gives your files a whole new level of security.

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