3 File Explorer Apps for Windows 8


  1. File brick to me looks very good. I to like Win8 what I hate about win8 is the start screen I can not break it down in segments. tech..news..cars sailing… everything is a big clustered mess. I try avoiding it on my desktop. frankly this is the last windows I will ever buy as Microsoft becomes more and more meaningless.
    look how far behing WP8 is screen res big list there …..

  2. Thanks, there are couple here for local files that I had not seen before. I also use SME Cloud File Explorer for my various Cloud Files. It’s free and pretty nice. I found the default DropBox App not so good so this was useful for working with my remote files.

  3. Hi
    Thanks for this topic.
    But haw can I download File Brick or My Explorer for my windows phone?
    I searched but, unfortunately I couldn’t find them.
    It would be very kind of you, if you help me.

  4. hey wanna ask, i just downloaded File Brick but it seems like it cannot open .exe files. is it just me or it really is not supported?

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