3 File Explorer Apps for Windows 8

Now when it is over a month using Windows 8, I am very much satisfied with the UI and the features here. After talking about many good and useful Windows 8 apps, today I will write about very useful File Explorer apps for Windows 8.

File Explorer apps for Windows 8

While Windows 8 has its own File Explorer and I am quite comfortable with it, I still would like to tell our readers about the new File Explorer apps I am presently checking out. These apps are useful for the users who are not comfortable with the metro-style file explorer and help the users to manage their files and folders without even opening the File Explorer.

Although none of these apps are as futuristic as the native File Explorer of Windows 8 but trust me these apps are really great.

File Brick

File Brick is a free file browser app available for download in Windows 8 store. While I was happy with the native File Explorer, File Brick helps me manage my files in a much easier way. I can open many files within the app.

For example, I can view the pictures and play my audio files simultaneously with this app. I can also access my Sky Drive, Google Drive and Dropbox files with just a single click.

File Brick has a very simple user interface. I can add the shortcuts of the folder I use frequently. Music, Photos, Videos, Skydrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Facebook are some shortcuts which you can use for the free version of File Brick. It also shows all the local drives. Other features like Twitter, Picasa, Flickr and YouTube are accessible only for the paid version of app. Just a click and you can access any of your folders and the files in those folders.

Honestly, I when I read about File Brick on the Windows Store first, I did not feel that it would be so useful. But now when I have it installed on my laptop, I am loving it. Its like a one stop for everything. I can access any of my folders right here. I can also access my Facebook profile directly from the File Brick app.

This is truly an awesome file explorer app in the Store and makes file browsing and file exchange operations quite easy for me.

While searching for File Brick in the Windows Store, I came across two more of the file manager apps – My Explorer and File Explorer. My Explorer is a free app but File Explorer is a paid app. Though it is affordable and is available in Windows 8 Store at $1.49.

My Explorer

My Explorer is a simple alternative to the native file explorer in Windows 8. You can add the desired folder here for easy navigation. This is a Modern UI version of the desktop’s File Explorer.

My Explorer give you access to manage all your folders and files with a single click and moreover you can also make it personal by adding any files from the local drives making it easy to reach those locations in a few steps.

My Explorer has a few restrictions though, you cannot add the protected or hidden files from the system folder and neither can you launch the files that depend on other files.

File Explorer

This App is a paid app – but it can help the user browse the local files in a simple and hassle free way. Similar to File Brick and My Explorer you can add files from any of the apps in your local folders.

There are a few bugs found in this app presently, but are soon to be fixed by the developers. File Explorer is still in progress and will soon come up with some updated features.

If you ask me, File Brick is my favorite File Explorer app as it provides me an easier navigation to my folders and files and moreover its free!

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